Tools and Materials:

  • Sterling silver
  • Tableting machine ect.
  • Pearl
  • Marker Pen
  • water
  • Silver wire
  • hammer
  • HammerTexture
  • Scissors
  • Lighter

Step 1: Cutting

Using the scissors to cut the sterling silver, size: a small square

Step 2: Heating

Heat it first, soften the silver, then burn it to red.

Step 3: Cold

Drop into the cold water to make it cooling down.

Step 4: Thinning

Using the Tableting machine to make the silver become thinning.

Step 5: Design

Using the marker pen, and drawing a flower shaped design on the silver.

Step 6: Pruning

Using scissors to cut it down.

Step 7: Make Texture

Using the texture hammer, and hitting on the silver flower.

Step 8: Heating and Cold

Step 9: Change the Shape

Using the tools to change the silver flower, let it have wrinkles.

Step 10: Shape

Using the tweezer to change the shape.

Step 11: Polished

Step 12: Cutting the Silver Wire

Step 13: Weld

Put some solder powder into the silver flower.

Step 14: Heating

Step 15: Weld the Silver Wire and Silver Flower

Step 16: Cold

Step 17: Forge a Ring With the Silver Branch

Using the lighter to heat the silver branch.

Step 18: Change the Silver Branch Into a Ring

Step 19: Hit the Branches and Forming

Step 20: Weld the Silver Branch Ring and the Silver Flower

Step 21: Cold

Step 22: Make the Ring Black by Oxidation

Step 23: Cleaning the Ring

Step 24: Rivet the Pearl Onto the Ring

Step 25: Complete!!!

It's a DIY Tutorial for Making a Silver Flower Rings with Natural Pearls!! Hope you will like it!

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