Introduction: DIY Tutorial - How to Make the Sterling Silver Earrings With Black Pearl

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Tools and materials:

Sterling silver,


welding powder,

welding tools,

polishing tools,


clean water,

pressing machine,

polishing machine,


Step 1: Designing and Sizing

Picture of Designing and Sizing

Use ruler to measure the size of the silver piece you want and mark up the size with marker.

Step 2: Trimming

Picture of Trimming

According to the marking of the silver piece, use scissors to trim off the size you want and then use hammer to hammer it to be flat for the trimmed silver piece would be bent.

Step 3: Shaping

Picture of Shaping

The silver piece would go around the mould for one circle and now we shall hammer it into a circle.

Step 4: Cutting

Picture of Cutting

The extra silver piece would be trimmed off for the ongoing steps.

Step 5: Welding

Picture of Welding

The silver piece is a circle now and we will add welding powder onto the 2 ends of the silver piece. Use heater to weld up the 2 ends and place it into cold water to cool it off.

Step 6: Surface Processing

Picture of Surface Processing

The silver circle will be placed onto another silver piece and we will trim off the size we need after we measure out the size according to the silver circle. Heat up the trimmed silver piece to soften it and cool it off.

Step 7: Pattern Making

Picture of Pattern Making

Trim off a piece of bark according to the size of the silver piece we just made and these 2 items would be put into the pressing machine to be pressed. When the silver is pressed with the bark together, it will achieve the same patterns just like the bark.

Step 8: Weld Up the Silver Circle and Silver Piece

Picture of Weld Up the Silver Circle and Silver Piece

Place the silver circle onto the silver piece and add welding powder within them. Heat up and weld up the 2 items and cool it off after welding.

Step 9: Trimming and Fixing

Picture of Trimming and Fixing

Use scissors to trim the welded item according to the silver circle.

Step 10: Platform Welding

Picture of Platform Welding

Take a piece of silver and the item we have made from the last few steps would be placed onto it. Match the size and add welding powder between them two, then weld them up. The extra silver would be trimmed off.

Step 11: Polishing

Picture of Polishing

The incision of the trimming would be sharp so we will have to use polishing tools to make it smooth.

Step 12: Ear-studs Welding and Needle Making

Picture of Ear-studs Welding and Needle Making

Add welding powder onto the surface and the back of the circle and weld the ear-studs and needle on.

Step 13: Soaking and Polishing

Picture of Soaking and Polishing

The welded circle would be soaked into the de-oxidization solution for 20 minutes to clean off the welding dirt. After soaking, the circle would become brighter and without black oxidization-dirt. Now we will use polishing tools and brightening tools to make it more beautiful.

Step 14: Pearl Drilling

Picture of Pearl Drilling

Take 2 black pearls and drill holes on one side of them separately. Then add in the glue.

Step 15: Combining

Picture of Combining

Adjust the position of the items and combine the pearl with the silver circle.

Step 16: Complete!

Picture of Complete!

The bright and pretty surface of the sterling silver has been well used in this time’s making. The making of the unique bark-patterns are well matched with the pearls’ black color. All these elements have highlighted the stereoscopic feelings and the concise structures of this jewelry. Hope you would like it!


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