DIY- Two Magnets and an Egg Prank


Introduction: DIY- Two Magnets and an Egg Prank

Magnets can be such fun to play with, by using your imagination you can integrate a magnet into pretty much anything, therefore I decided to use two magnets to prepare this simple yet messy prank.

The magnets will cause the mess but it's an egg that will make the mess so make sure you have one handy when attempting to pull this prank on one of your buddies.

List of items needed

* 2 magnets

* 1 egg

* 1 cup

* Tape

* napkin (optional)

Step 1: The Set Up...

* Attach a magnet to the egg using tape

* Put a piece of double sided tape underneath the cup. ( most fast food paper cups such as burger king, has about half an inch of space underneath which is perfect for this prank)

*Stick the other magnet on that piece of double sided tape, make sure it stays put.

* Place a napkin or coaster on top of the table (glass tables work best for this)

* Put the cup on top of the napkin.

* Below the table align the magnet with the egg with the magnet on the cup and the should connect.

The napkin will help hide the egg underneath the table so no one will notice anything until it's too late.

Step 2: Prank Time!!!

By now you probably have an idea of how this prank works, right?

Ok so once you have followed the previous steps, it's time to sell the prank and by that I mean get your friend to lift up the cup off the table, example: "Hey bro, I went bk and got you an ice cold coke, its sitting on the table, come get it before it gets warm"

When the cup is lifted, the two magnets will separate and obviously the magnet with the egg will fall to the ground breaking and making a big mess on the floor.

For more details and demonstration please watch the instructional video.



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    I've seen several dudes use Pringles image as their profile picture and everytime I just smile and nod but the whole time I am thinking how unimaginative and unintelligent they must be; now I dislike everyone named Fred.

    The Pringles can guy thinks Canadians have a poor sense of humour?! That's funny.

    Inhilarious, must be German

    I have seen several Canadian prank TV shows where everyone Canadian said it was the greatest show. I just smiled and watched but didn't find the humor in it. It was stuff like where they'd change a water fountain so it sprayed their shirt instead.

    I don't get the point of this prank. Are you Canadian? that would explain a lot.

    3 replies

    yeah it all depends on what kind of sense of humor you have, with some people you can get away with these kinds of pranks and others not so much and FYI I'm not Canadian, I'm Mexican! Thanks for checking out my instructable.

    I get the prank; some people have an interesting sense of humor. What I don't get is what them being Canadian would explain. It's that another example of the 'interesting sense of humor' I mentioned earlier?

    it gets egg on the ground and all over the persons foot