A really simple switch that can toggle the battery polarity in the circuit of the connected Device.

This Two way switch is very simple to make and can be used in Toys and Projects to Toggle the Battery Polarity.

It can be easily made and used in any wired remote toy for two way direction control. It can also be used in any electronic projects to simultaneously control two circuits with a single switch.

Caution: Only use with small DC voltages(upto 24v DC)..!

Step 1: Materials Required

1. A Small Wooden Plank(8 cm x 3 cm)

Note: You can also use any plastic box

2. Few Paper clips

3. Few Drawing pins

4. Battery

5. Battery Connector

6. Aluminium Foil or Food wrapping Foil

7. Hammer

Step 2: How to Make

1. Take a Paper Clip and wrap the Aluminium Foil over the Clip.

2. Take a Battery Connector and connect one of the wire to the Paper Clip.

3. Take the Wooden Plank, using a Hammer and notice board pins (Drawing pins) attach the paper clip on the center of the plank.

4. Fold two paper clips at an angle of 90 degrees.

5. Using the notice board pins and Hammer attach both the paper clips opposite to eachother on the sides of the plank, so that they both act as Push Buttons.

6. Make sure that tip of both the clips touch the bottom of the center Clip.

7. Using a Double sided Tape, attach a battery at the bottom of Wooden Plank.

8. Connect the Battery Terminals to the Battery Connector.

The switch is now ready..!

Step 3: Testing the Device

To demonstrate its working, connect a Toy Motor to the clips and test it using the Push Buttons.

Press one button at a time to complete the circuit and see the Fan rotate in Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise motion.

The Motor reverses the direction on each Button press.

That's a good intro, but could you take this down and post the rest?
#calpal149 Thanks..:) I have tried and made a detailed instructable, but in case something appears to be confusing, you can also watch the embedded video for more visual clarity of the project.

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