Picture of DIY: Typographic Pizza Pennants

We wanted to create these cute pennants because we love pizza. That’s pretty much the only reason. It’s kind of embarrassing how much we love pizza. We also think pennants are a cute, easy, and fun DIY project.

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Step 1: ​What you’ll need:

Picture of ​What you’ll need:

-Pizza Pennant Kit

-Scissors and X-ACTO knife


-100% wool felt

-Granule typeface, by Corey Holms

-Mod Podge

-Embroidery thread and needle

-Fabric scissors


-Spray starch (optional)

Step 2:

Picture of

Begin by cutting out the pre-printed designs with a sharp pair of fabric scissors. We started with the red pepperoni that will go on the yellow pizza. (You may need to use an X-ACTO knife for some of the letters.)

Step 3:

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Arrange your felt pieces on each of the pennants until you’re happy with the placement, and begin gluing. We used a paintbrush to brush on the Mod Podge and glued each piece — the glue dries fast so it’s best to work quickly.

Step 4:

Picture of

Once you’re done gluing, trim off any excess felt hanging off the side of the pennant.

Step 5:

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Thread your needle with embroidery thread and begin stitching around the edges of the felt. This reinforces the glue and adds nice texture to your pennant.

Step 6:

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Spray the starch over the pennants (if desired) to create a stiffer finish, and let dry. Looks delicious, right? Pin or tape your pennants to the wall and it’s time to party. Pizza party, that is.

We need these decorations for our Pizza Thursdays :)