Introduction: DIY Typography Stencil Pillow Cover

Now that Fall is in full swing I feel like making my home more cozy. I will be spending more days at home anyway if it’s cold and raining outside so I might as well make it worth wile

My living rooms pillows became the target of my second DIY Home Decor project! I’ve seen a couple of cool DIY Typography stencil pillow ideas on Pinterest so decided to mix it with a fun print to jazz up my living room. This is what I came up with!

What You Need:

- White fabric (cotton): Size depends on your pillows

- Stencils

- Palett Fabric Paint

- Empty spray bottles

- Stencils (you can find a lot of cool ones here

- Iron (to set in the paint)

How To DIY Typography Stencil Pillow Cover
1. Take your pillow and use it to measure the amount of fabric you’ll need. Cut the fabric, lay it down and sew the borders leaving one side free to enter the pillow

2. Lay down your stencil and whatever shape you wish to incorporate into your DIY typography stencil pillow. I used paper to cut out clouds and carton to create a Missoni inspired look.

3. Spray lightly from 20cm distance. Don’t spray to close as this might cause stains on the fabric.

4. Let it dry for a bit before removing the stencil and other materials.

5. Let it dry for 30-40 minutes and then turn it inside out. Use the iron the slightly go over it in order to help set the color. After that your DIY Typography stencil pillow covers are ready to use!

The Video Tutorial: DIY Typography Stencil Pillow Cover


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