Picture of DIY Tyvek Wallet (using 9x12
My inspiration came from the first Dynomighty wallet I bought - not only are they AWESOME, but they last forever. In fact, the only reason I ever get a different one, is because I get bored of the design... Regardless, it never fails to impress everyone. And by everyone I mean mainly cashiers and friends.

Anywho, I wanted to make one of my own, so I tried the one Instructable posted by a very trusty source: Dynomighty ( His/her (?) instructions are great, however I found the wallet to be a little large and a little too complicated. Don't get me wrong, Dynomighty's wallet is very simple and easy to make - I was just looking for something requiring a minimal amount of cutting and gluing.

Thus I set upon modifying upon Dynomighty's Instructable so that it would better suit my needs - and figured, why not make my first Instructable out of it? (really, I just wanted to have all the steps nicely documented so that I could retrace my steps with ease when making el-cheapo yet thoughtful personalized Christmas gifts... heh heh heh *evil laugh*)

Here's what you'll need: 

- 9 x 12" Tyvek envelope ($15 / box 20 at Staples!)
- pencil
- ruler
- x-acto knife
- cutting mat (or cardboard) that can fit INSIDE the envelope snugly
- anything you'd like to use to "pimp your wallet" (stamps, stickers, markers, paint, etc...)
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Step 1: Orientation

Picture of Orientation
Start at the back of the envelope. See the picture to understand what I mean by the "Back." That's what we'll call it from now on.
The self-sealing strip at the top, we'll call "Top Flap."
The sealed bottom part of the envelope, we'll call "Bottom Flap."

Step 2: Fold once

Picture of Fold once
Still at the Back...
Fold in half up to the crease below the top flap.

Step 3: Fold twice

Picture of Fold twice
Always at the back...
Fold again in half up to the crease below the top flap.
NhuV2 months ago

the envelopes aren't 15 dollars for a pack of 20 any more. They're 18 something.

The link is attached if you want it :)

I tried making this wallet a few times and the folds are just not clear enough.
AJuanillo1 year ago
Wonderful design, what do you think about gluing back down the bottom flap with contact cement onto one side of itself then you wouldn't have any cut edges showing anywhere other than the inside credit card area.
dchall82 years ago
Great design. I made a Tyvek walled out of a (free) FedEx envelop many years ago. They never tear but they to wear out.
This is a fantastic walkthrough. :D The finished wallet is really clean looking, too!