DIY USB Cooling Fan (VIDEO)





Introduction: DIY USB Cooling Fan (VIDEO)

NOTE: Video version of my famous instructable.

DESCRIPTION: An easy step to step Tutorial explaining how you can build a "USB Cooling Fan" for your notebook/desktop/whatever from an old or broken cd-rom drive. Enjoy

You can check this video on metacafe or my channel for other "how to" videos.



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    the usb port outputs 9 volts if im correct.

    actually its 5v if IM correct

    i found a motor in my crappie cd player(acutually 2) and the one that moves the laser is the one i pulled out and it says on the sided/v 5.9...will the usb keyboard suffice for that power?

    i read somewhere that a usb port can put out as much as 2 amps of power because the security setting of the ports is added to gether and only kicks in if the power of all the usb ports are excedded. also, the moter would probably run just fine on 5v if it wont fork over the extra power(but it probably will)

    what's that on your t-shirt? you.... are..... my..... under.... control.... hahahahaha!


    Haha! You failed to control me!

    Or you can get a fan at the dollar store!

    although it semi-defeats the purpose, you could also get a motor out of an old personal fan, in order 2 save u1rself some effort of making a an from scratch. Alternativler, there are lots of devices that have motors in them... ...133t.

    wow that is cool ill have to build one!

    Good Vid! Thanks for showing us in a video


    It's good. You could do just as well with a decent motor, but the CD drive was a good idea.

    I built one yesterday. I'd been playing around with building one for myself, and then my girlfriend told me she needed something to cool her off when sitting at her computer (she doesn't really have room for a full size fan). And so, I built this for her. Mine is a little different. I used 16-gauge wire for the support wire and wrapped it in electrical tape. I also took a normal CD and sanded down the outer side to give it a roughed in look, and sanded the edges so they were smooth (wasn't sure how hard it would be to stop or how quickly mine would spin). It was also my first "soirée" into soldering. So... thanks for the idea. I'm pretty sure she's gonna like it. So... again, thanks for the idea, and the opportunity to learn a skill I'll use for quite some time. GR

    this has been on here before, but this is just a video

    I believe I have already seen this here before!!! Post something new without ripping off someone else. Please !!! A search button works.

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    Hi Maxx1,

    If you're talking about the instructable version of this video is mine, and it's there:
    USB Cooling Fan from a broken drive

    Yes, a search button works :) for you too :D
    BTW, I agree with you (I don't like who rips off someone else)

    Bye, and thank you for your feedback

    So WHY did you repost it then?

    different form, for different people. Somebody can't playback videos or just prefers step by step instructables, somebody prefers a good video. I did it for that, have a good day Maxx1