DIY USB Magnifying Lamp

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I am a columnist at Science 2.0 and in my column, The Square Root of Not, I demonstrate how to build an alcohol burner for a home chemistry set. In my article, I mention that "second-hand stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and local mom & pop shops are treasure troves of things to hack or repurpose." I would like to mention too that close-out stores like Dollar General are also fertile ground for modding. I found a USB lamp with a fan at a close-out store in Albuquerque for under $5.00 USD and decided to make it a magnifying lamp.

Parts needed for the Magnifying lamp:

USB lamp with fan
lighted magnifying glass
3 rubber bands
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Step 1: Remove the magnifying glass from the lighted magnifier.

Picture of Remove the magnifying glass from the lighted magnifier.
Use a small flat blade screwdriver to remove the magnifying glass retaining ring. It's really easy to pry the plastic ring off the magnifier.

Step 2: Attach the magnifying glass to the lamp

Picture of Attach the magnifying glass to the lamp
You can temporarily attach the magnifying glass to the lamp with the three rubber bands.

Step 3: Another use for Sugru

Picture of Another use for Sugru
For a more permanent solution I decided to use Sugru to attach the magnifying glass to the lamp. Why Sugru? I just wanted to see if it would actually work and, besides, my Sugru was past its use-by date so, I really needed to find a use for it. I was able to restore only two of the packets and it took a lot of kneading to get it back to its original consistency. Unfortunately the third packet couldn't be fully restored no matter how much kneading I tried and it ended up looking like dried out dough. No, it ain't too pretty but the sugru seems to hold the magnifying glass to the lamp fairly well.

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