DIY: USB-Solar Rechargeable Light & Mobile Charger


Introduction: DIY: USB-Solar Rechargeable Light & Mobile Charger

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January 15th-2011

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    do you have the detailed procedure on how to connect the wires ?? i don't know how to connect it ..

    Where I get Solar Panels? Solar Panels are not available in Pakistan :(

    i liked the way u made your led holder!

    Very Clever!!!

    I dunno about that "3 volt regulator" business...
    if it actually puts out between 3.5 and 4 volt when hooked to usb or solar, then great. but a li-po like your cell phone batteries are basically considered "dead" at 3 volt.

    Minor note : With three of those cell batteries in parallel (presuming parallel, since series wiring would require over around 12 volt to charge) USB should be safe enough (5volt@450mA max), as would those dreadfully underpowered solar cells(combined 3V unknown current rating, but probably under 200mA). Even USB3 shouldn't be an issue, with 900mA still being close enough to a 1C charge rate, even for smaller cell phone batteries.

    However, avoid using AC-USB charging adapters for charging, as some of their current delivery can exceed a safe 1C charge rate, even in parallel battery configuration.

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    thanks for the notes,

    the solars are able to charge those cellphone batteries, using that voltage regulator,
    the batteries are 3.7volts each, but they can be charged even with 2 AA size regular batteries using the 3v voltage regulator as i showed on the video.

    the project works great enough, charging with usb is faster than solar.