Gotta get some glow when it comes to the wii!

I used a dead usb camera's cord then attached 2 blue les in parallel with one 100 ohm resistors on each led.

I used plexie glass and hot glue to construct a wii stand by tracing the side panels of the original wii stand and cutting them out with a razor.

I still need to frost my LEDs and frost the stand a  bit more , but i really like it.
Reminds me of Billy Jean
MAN I WANT A WII REALLY BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like the retro gaming systems. I have a ps1 an original nes and a Nintendo 64. The Nintendo systems came from a neighbor who liked to shop at garage sales and thrift stores. My cousins have super Nintendo systems too.
nice finds! I've collected all the nintendo systems myself thanks to goodwill for the n64 and my cousin for the snes.
groovy also i relly want a n64 i can see it by the wii
thats an nes, a 64 is a bit later on than that
oh sosz anway i just like retreo gaming consoles
cool, me too, i used to have an nes and duckhunt with the shotgun control :)
cool i still cant find any retro consels but i have wii shop chanel retro games . ive also played an n64
That's cool man.
Nice 5*!!
NICE!!! 5*

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