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Introduction: DIY USB "Hard Drive"

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Using a dead Hard Drive, a 4-port USB hub, and a few Flash Drives, we will kill some time and get a few laughs from anyone seeing you use this.

You guys can see MAKE magazine's rip-off article of my project at:

Thanks for the credit MAKE, I really appreciate it....

Step 1: Find a Candidate.

Any Hard Drive should do..

Step 2: Dismantle..

Take the Hard Drive apart...

Step 3: Compare

Make sure your USB hub will fit, either with the plastic case on, or not...

Step 4: Hub

For this purpose, I removed the plastic case.

Step 5: Install

I placed the "nekkid" USB hub into the area where the platter used to be.

Note: I was only placing this temporarily, if I was going to keep this mod permanent, I would glue the hub in either using epoxy or hot glue.

Edit: I forgot to mention, if this was going to be used permanently, I would coat the circuit board with epoxy, just like I do with Flash Drives.

Step 6: Flash Me!

Now add your Flash Drives, you may have to remove the casing for some to fit well.

Step 7: Button It Up.

Replace the cover to the Hard Drive, and plug in!

Now you will have a "new" Flash Drive that will be sure to get some comments.

Also, there is a way, I haven't done it, but with a certain flavor of Linux, you can install Linux onto all 4 of the Flash drives in a RAID configuration, assuming you have all the same capacities.

Have fun!



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    I must say that this comes out very cool, here is mine :P

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    have great news!

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    Thanks for using instructables!

    sooo... just having seen the first page, you picked an 80GB drive apart for this??

    so...does anyone know where to get dirt cheap flash drives???

    16 replies

    Walmart does not sell flash drives cheap! Microcenter  is way cheaper!

    ya i know u can get em at staples,future shop,best buy,u can even make ur own.

    cool, but i wanna try and make my own, how would i go about it?? what do i need?

    um, thats what the instructions are for

    ...this build doesnt mention anthing about makin your own flash drives

    you cant make a flash drive

    Oh, sorry, I thought you said you wanted to make the USB Hard Drive. To make your own flash drive would be pretty hard. I mean, Its got over 100 pieces that have to be soldered together perfectly on a circuit board. You'd be better off buying one. They're like $10 for a pack of three.

    Go to and you can get some incredibly cheap 512MB ones.

    512 is as much as my old desktops ram size and it is pretty slow dont go with 512 man.

    That's how much RAM my current laptop has... I need an upgrade sometime...

    512 wont get you very far with any thing i got a 4gb microsd and other accesories came withit at target