DIY Under Water Fishing Lights





Introduction: DIY Under Water Fishing Lights

Made me some green under water fishing lights.

The things you need as follow:
1. green 5050 150 led/5m Led strip lights 
2. T12 Fluorescent light bulb protector - Clear
3. 1" PVC end Cap
4. 6" 1" PVC sch 40 pipe
5. 2 - 1" to 3/4" PVC coupling
6. 3/4" sch 40 pvc pipe
7. 1 1/4" PVC end cap
8. pvc glue, silicone
9. Wire and Wire connectors
10. weights (old cast net)

Step 1:

Get all your crap together

Step 2:

Take 1" pipe cap , 6" - 1" PVC pipe and 1" to 3/4" coupling and glue together with PVC Glue. I add a few old cast net weight inside the 1" PVC to help sink this light.

Step 3:

glue in 3/4" PVC pipe to 3/4" to 1" coupling and star wrapping the LED lights around the 3/4" PVC. You can make the light as long as you want. i made 2 lights with 5 meters of LED strip.

add a light super glue to the end to make sure it doesn’t come undone.

Step 4:

Cut off 3/4" PVC pipe add drill hole for wires

Step 5:

no comes the hard part. take other 3/4-1" PVC coupling and put it on the other end of the 3/4" pipe. no glue... Then measure how long you need to cut the T12 Protector. The 1" part of the 3/4-1" PVC coupling will barely fit inside the T12 Protector. I glued the T12 to the one end and let it dry. Gluing the other end is kind of tricking but can be done. you can see the T12 Protector in place in the pic below in step 6

I have no pic but will get some tonight when i finish up the second light

Step 6:

Drill hole in 1 1/4" PVC end cap for wires. tie not in wire so you don’t pull them back out. Connect wires to Led Strip Silicon everything up real good and glue the 1 1/4" PVC cap on the coupling.



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What keeps the water from following the wires throught the 1.25 cap?

those strips are very schetchy at best, ive stopped using them completely, cheaply made and produce a lot of inefficient heat. if you have any heat, you are wasting energy. not to mention the life of strips like that are about 6 months to a year, and the silicone cracks and deteriorates, heat causing pressure , pressure breaks seal, very bad deal. short in wire- boat on fire. consider 3w green leds in a 1 watt config (3.3v @ 300mAh) stack them in series of 3 to match the 12v and be seriously efficient. always do the math- and never trust pre-made light strips or modules. always use a voltage regulator that lets you adjust voltage and current (always) or your lights will go pifff. when they should last 10 years. boat electricity is nasty stuff to tangle with. especially when there is water involved. make sure you use marine sealant. high temperature. :) good luck and stay safe. your design is really cool

Try using 3528 led strips instead, 600 led's in a 5M piece (averages about 120 led's a meter), better coverage and produces more light.


Can somebody please tell me where i can buy the 1 inch to 3/4 slip on pvc fitting? I checked lowes and homdepot. Thanks in advance

Try a plumbing supply store. They will always carry more then the "We Sell Every Thing!" stores.

Amazing job, creative thingking. It's almost no big difference compared with this underwater fishing light(

Curiosity, what's the power source?

12 volt led strip plus length of "standard power cord" means it probably runs off one of the 12 volt marine batteries(pair of 6 volts?)... or possibly a power outlet on the boat.

My advice is to substitute the overhand know for an underwriters knot(