Made me some green under water fishing lights.

The things you need as follow:
1. green 5050 150 led/5m Led strip lights 
2. T12 Fluorescent light bulb protector - Clear
3. 1" PVC end Cap
4. 6" 1" PVC sch 40 pipe
5. 2 - 1" to 3/4" PVC coupling
6. 3/4" sch 40 pvc pipe
7. 1 1/4" PVC end cap
8. pvc glue, silicone
9. Wire and Wire connectors
10. weights (old cast net)

Step 1:

Get all your crap together
<p>Try using 3528 led strips instead, 600 led's in a 5M piece (averages about 120 led's a meter), better coverage and produces more light.</p>
Can somebody please tell me where i can buy the 1 inch to 3/4 slip on pvc fitting? I checked lowes and homdepot. Thanks in advance
<p>Try a plumbing supply store. They will always carry more then the &quot;We Sell Every Thing!&quot; stores.</p>
<p>Amazing job, creative thingking. It's almost no big difference compared with this underwater fishing light(http://www.toponechoice.com/fishing-light.html)</p>
Curiosity, what's the power source?
12 volt led strip plus length of &quot;standard power cord&quot; means it probably runs off one of the 12 volt marine batteries(pair of 6 volts?)... or possibly a power outlet on the boat. <br> <br> <br>My advice is to substitute the overhand know for an underwriters knot(http://www.animatedknots.com/underwriters/). <br>

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