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Every been to DisneyQuest and rode that crazy VR comics ride? No? Okay lemme explain.

You put this ridiculous helmet over your head that has these 3D TV goggles, and when you move your head, it's like you're actually moving your head in the game.

Here's how to do something like that for under 100 bucks.

Camcorder with Viewfinder and video input
Gyro mouse (More on that later)
Normal wireless mouse (optional)
Duct Tape

Step 1: About the Gyro Mouse

Picture of About the Gyro Mouse
I happened to have one lying around. You probably don't.

I got mine for 40 bucks at Circuit City. I've been looking around online, and that was a really good deal. You can use any kind of gyro mouse, but it needs to be able to do these things:
Pointer is based on tilting and rotating, not actually pointing at the screen. AKA no sensor bars or things like that.
It needs to be wireless.

If you don't have one try to find one here.

If you can't find one, this instructable will be impossible.

asd123zxc1 year ago
so nice
mistercrazy5 years ago
 That's kinda.... PRIMITIVE?
just go get a G sensor..
mdgnys5 years ago
 Circuit City Is gooooonnneeee!!!!  Aint that a magic trick!!
AT5 years ago
sjoobbani5 years ago
ok, so I've got the gyration-mouse, I've got the other mouse, and I've got a camera, I've got the  Panasonic PV-GS2000
I have an S-VIDEO cable, and a svideo input/output on the camera, that's exactly what it says on it, but when I plug the cables in @ both ends, the computer doesn't recognize, so I fool around with it, and it recognizes, so I put it so it sends the comp image to the camera, but the camera doesn't display, i've gone into menu briefly, and couldn't find anything. Please help.
sjoobbani5 years ago
 I have a trigger mouse, where its for presentation, wit the trackball on top, and the left click is a trigger, so I might use that for the trigger of the gun, and then I'm going to secure the trackball so It doesn't move.
where can I get a cheap gyro-mouse, cause I'm on a super cheap budget.
camo8885 years ago
i think this is the mouse you are using
except its really expensive so i may use this one
zimmemic256 years ago
whats that game called, what the video shows us on the left part of the screen? is it free? if yes, where can i download it? if not, where can i buy it?
Super Cameraman (author)  zimmemic256 years ago
It's Tribes 2. I think it was free at some point, but I don't know where. I bought it years ago. You can probably buy it now for around 10 dollars or less. I heard that the company had it as a free download once, but I don't know. Google it.
sypher6 years ago
they are making something like this for the wii, if I am not mistaken a silent scope game
Super Cameraman (author)  sypher6 years ago
That would be really cool! I've played the arcade game many times, it's a lot of fun with that scope added on.
Ph3nomin0n6 years ago
This is awesome man, just one question? Why hasn't this been featured!!
JohnnyMelo7 years ago
Here I was wondering... What about getting a small lcd and making a gun mount with reflex sight that u put the lcd in it like a view finder, then mounting the giro mouse so that u can fire using de real fire button on the gun?? that would trully be awsome;) playng cod4 with that??:P I imagine myself it movement sensors just running arround the house with the laptop on my back xD
Now to mass produce these for Halo 3.... though they need to be head mounted. I was thinking of doing something similar to this using glasses like these though I'd bargain hunt to spend less money :P
Ironically, all we need is for Microsoft to release Halo 3 to the Wii (or Playstation 3) , but thats never ever ever gonna happen. Then just strap on those glasses, and a Wiimote to your head and away you go! (It would also be cool to use 3 wiimotes, 1 for your head, and 1 per hand ;-) Get working on that WiLii people for the PC version!)
Super Cameraman (author)  zachninme8 years ago
I problem with that is that you need a game that needs three mice! I would love to have one on the head for moving the camera, and one on a gun for aiming a gun, but the game can only use one.
Not necessarily. You could map "Wiimote #2 Up" to "a" or any other key , for that matter. Heck, you could probably do some cool things with 4 wiimotes and their numchuck counterparts + TV goggles ;-)
Super Cameraman (author)  zachninme8 years ago
How would you hold 4 wiimotes and 4 nunchucks!?
Its not holding, you strap them to legs, head, and other appendages.
...other appendages? ah well what first came to mind probably isnt what you intended...=O lol
jli18 years ago
i used kind of the same thing, except without the mice (just video input), to make night vision, and i put my laptop in my bag and walked around in the dark :)
Metroid488 years ago
Would a Wii controller, combined with the GlovePIE program, work instead of a gyro mouse?
Super Cameraman (author)  Metroid488 years ago
It could. I think. I've never tried, but if you can use it as a mouse, without putting it on a surface, then yes.
Crash21088 years ago
Or you can just duct tape the mouse to your head (or hat) and use it for flight simulators.
Super Cameraman (author)  Crash21088 years ago
That was actually my original design for my DIY VR, but the main problem was that when I turned my head, it would become very... off. I'm not sure how to explain this really. It's just not very easy to control a mouse with your head. The reason why I went with a video camera is so that no matter which way I'm facing, the screen is still in front of me.
tiuk8 years ago
Very cool idea. I bet a wii remote could be used in place of a gyro mouse, they work pretty much the same way.
ac1D tiuk8 years ago
I don't this it would work well with a wii mote, becose the sensor bar is not bade for "360." and if you point your wiimote in your back, it wont get detected in your screen.
tiuk ac1D8 years ago
The wii remote has two main methods of detecting motion. One uses the IR sensor and sensor bar. This is used when pointing at the screen, picking things from menus with a pointer, etc. The other method uses accelerometers, much like the gyro mouse. This determines the orientation of the controller in 3D space, and does NOT require the sensor bar, or for the controller to be pointed in any particular direction. It is used in situations like wii bowling, wii golf, etc, where the controller is swung/tilted in some way.
Super Cameraman (author)  tiuk8 years ago
While that's true, I've seen a Wii remote work on a PC, and you need to actually tilt it to the left and right for it to move the cursor left or right. So instead of turning your head, you'd need to tilt it.... I think that's how it would work anyway.
Or you could just mount the wiimote on the back. The wiimote has 2 (accurate) axes of accelerometers (It technically has three, but one of them has horrible detection). You could replace the gyro mouse with the wiimote, you'd just need to mount it on the front or back instead of on top.
tilding would be a better version for some game. like, for battlefield2142. when your a plane, you turn by tilting the plane.
That's true, but it's just in the implementation of the drivers. I believe the remote is capable of sensing left/right non-tilt movement, so with a little tweaking I think it could work.
ac1D tiuk8 years ago
well, I don't own a wii at this time so your probably right.
zachninme8 years ago
You should embed the video into the instructable: