Introduction: DIY Valentine's Cookies Tree

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Hello love birds!

If you are looking for an affordable and easy DIY that comes straight from the heart then this DIY Valentine's Cookie Tree is your perfect gift idea!

If you want to see my full tutorial check out the link, or view the step-by-step below!


Step 1: Cookie Dough Mix

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I used the betty crocker cookie mix, but ofcourse if you have your own preferred recipe then do that as well.

Step 2: Roll the Dough

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One you have the right consistency, then with a rolling pin roll the dough to 1 inch thick

Step 3: Cookie Cutter

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I had fun with this, I had two types of cookie cutters a heart shape and another one that spelled i (heart) U

Once you have the shapes, please the cookie dough in the overn for about 8 minutes or until you see a golden colour.

Step 4: Decorate!!

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Here's the fun part, decroate first with frosting and then get all the valentine sprinkles and hearts you have and make the best designs you can think of!

Step 5: Assemble!

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Time to assemble! Grab a tooth pick and poke it into the cookie from the top and then into the styrofoam. I found this cone from Michael's store for about $5.

That's it :)

Check out the full tutorial here and don't forget to subscribe for more videos :)


mrsmerwin (author)2017-02-08

adorable rolling pin. I am wondering if I can dream up an edible alternative to the Styrofoam cone.

prismaticmem (author)mrsmerwin2017-04-09

I don't know for sure but you could always make a rice crispy treat cone to use.

mrsmerwin (author)prismaticmem2017-04-09

That could work. Thanks.

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