I am working on planning and throwing my BFF a baby shower, and she picked an awesome theme; Vintage French Circus!  So naturally, I wanted to make the most epic shower ever known to (wo)man. 

One of the things I wanted to create was a vintage looking marquee light that spelled out BABY.  Great for the shower, but also great for the nursery long after the cake hangover from the party is over.  I have seen other great DIY tutorials online for lights made of foam core, but wanted to make something more substantial that would not only look great, but be durable to last many years. 

This was my first real wood working project on my own.  The folks at Tech Shop** were super helpful in introducing me to some essential wood cutting tools to help make this project happen.  In the end, not only was I super stoked at how well this all turned out, but shocked at how easy it was!  So hats off to Tech Shop for giving me access to these great tools.

**Tech shop is the ultimate gym for geeks, with tons of amazing tools to use under one roof.  All you need is a membership!  If you are in the SF bay area, near Detroit, or Raleigh NC, check 'em out.  www.techshop.ws

Step 1: Materials

Two pieces of 9/16th" x 12" x 36" paint grade ply wood
Christmas lights (I used lights with a battery pack to prevent excess cords and plugs)
Corrugated Cardboard
Masking Tape
Hot Glue Gun
Red Paint
40 grit sandpaper

Band Saw
Jig Saw
Miter Saw
Super sharp Box cutters or blades
Hello, this project turned out amazing! Can you please tell me where you purchased such tiny bulbs like that.. and the size? <br> <br>~Thanks~
Thanks so much! The letters look great in my friends nursery! I got te lights from 1000bulbs.com. Each string was $8 and had 20 lights per string. Just right for this project!<br><br>These are the lights I got: <br><br>&quot;Product: BRS-3902500 (20) Bulbs - LED - Warm White Miniature Wide Angle Rice Lights - Length 7 ft. - Bulb Spacing 4 in. - Green Wire - Battery Operated - Indoor Only&quot;
They turned out absolutely beautiful. :D
I'm pretty sure I want these for my next shower....in about 7 months. If I start now I'm pretty sure I'll be done by then........I think. :)
first of all, CONGRATS! and gurrrrl, lemme tell you! I am so lazy when it comes to completing projects, I started this in Feb, and only just finished. But looking back, I probably could have finished in one weekend. That is how lazy i am! you can totally do it. One cool idea? If you know the name you are going choose, just make one GIANT letter with their first initial! <br /> <br />My friend might name her son Quinten, and i think the room would look dope with one giant "Q" light. <br /> <br />So if you can't commit to a whole word, one letter is a good start!
Gracias! Shoot all I know is that this baby is making waaaaaaaaaaaay more tired than the first one. I think I can commit to one letter...once I find out what I'm having. You did a great job and they turned out so cute!
Those look awesome! Nice work.

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