Step 3: Trace Letters Onto Wood

Once your letters all printed out and cut, it is time to trace your letters onto the wood. 

Flip your letters onto the wood backwards.  This way, when you trace your letters out and make the cuts, you won't have to worry about pencil or pen markings or having any rogue mistakes in your cuts show. 

Trace about 1/8th of an inch larger than the stencil you printed.  This will give you room to make mistakes and to sand the lettering down. 

Another little tip, avoid placing the edges of your letters in any notches in the wood.  It may be harder to saw through and the notched bits may create a funky edge in your final piece.
Hello, this project turned out amazing! Can you please tell me where you purchased such tiny bulbs like that.. and the size? <br> <br>~Thanks~
Thanks so much! The letters look great in my friends nursery! I got te lights from 1000bulbs.com. Each string was $8 and had 20 lights per string. Just right for this project!<br><br>These are the lights I got: <br><br>&quot;Product: BRS-3902500 (20) Bulbs - LED - Warm White Miniature Wide Angle Rice Lights - Length 7 ft. - Bulb Spacing 4 in. - Green Wire - Battery Operated - Indoor Only&quot;
They turned out absolutely beautiful. :D
I'm pretty sure I want these for my next shower....in about 7 months. If I start now I'm pretty sure I'll be done by then........I think. :)
first of all, CONGRATS! and gurrrrl, lemme tell you! I am so lazy when it comes to completing projects, I started this in Feb, and only just finished. But looking back, I probably could have finished in one weekend. That is how lazy i am! you can totally do it. One cool idea? If you know the name you are going choose, just make one GIANT letter with their first initial! <br /> <br />My friend might name her son Quinten, and i think the room would look dope with one giant "Q" light. <br /> <br />So if you can't commit to a whole word, one letter is a good start!
Gracias! Shoot all I know is that this baby is making waaaaaaaaaaaay more tired than the first one. I think I can commit to one letter...once I find out what I'm having. You did a great job and they turned out so cute!
Those look awesome! Nice work.

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