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Introduction: DIY Vinyl Fence Repair

The only DIY vinyl fence repair that actually does work (the photo above)

There are many articles out there and youtube video's showing the best methods for repairing vinyl fence. As you probably also know by now if you have tried any of them, that these methods do not work. The reason I know this is because I too have personally tried them all... Living on a golf course is not the best location for building a vinyl fence, simply because the fence can't hold up to the golf ball blows that come daily. Yet that's what the previous owners of our house bought. So I have spent the last two years trying to repair and formulate the best alternative for repairing vinyl fencing that is cheaper and more convenient than replacement of vinyl fence panels, easier than vinyl fence post removal and a better use of time than looking for vinyl fence parts and it actually works.

Lets take a look at some of the common "how to repair vinyl fence" recommendations that are online currently that WONT WORK:

The Auto-Body Filler: Some articles tell you how strong it is and how well it works with vinyl fences. Which is true but in the end it doesn't work! Its hard to spread, the color doesn't match, and it ends up looking worse than the original hole in the fence. Also it requires a lot of sanding and is hard to remove any drips and mistakes.

Spraying Expanding Foam: Spraying the foam into the fence sounds like a great way to fill the void but the foam is actually very hard to remove from the fence and is hard for the auto-body compound to smooth over. Additionally it is very hard to get it to stay where you want it to be inside the fence. While its probably a good alternative if you have a fence post that needs a large void to be filled in the end it doesn't help the fence look any better.

Painting The Vinyl Fence: Wow what a bad idea. Once you paint this area you are going to have to keep painting this area again and again for years to come. Isn't that the reason you bought a vinyl fence in the first place is so that you didn't have to paint a fence every year?! The sun is very hard on paints and unless they say they are "UV STABLE" which very few cheap ones are they WILL fade over time. Acrylics are really the best option here buts it better to just never start painting in the first place.


After two years of testing hundreds of materials on a vinyl fence in the cold and hot UTAH weather to find a product that would actually repair a vinyl fence for good Fence Daddy was born. While working closely with chemist and a few vinyl fence companies we were able to come up with a formula for a UV stable material that will hold its color in sun because of its UV Stable properties. Not to mention the fact that it is a strong Impact resistant composite wont require future fence painting and or up-keep in the years to come. The Vinyl Fence Patch Kit is color matched to the specification of the vinyl fence manufacturers making for a perfect blend. Fence Daddy can repair multiple fence holes and damage with one kit. It is a great value for the money and well worth your time and efforts. The kit is color matched to work with a variety of popular vinyl fence colors. What a great DIY project that will only take minutes and allow the person responsible for the damage (kids usually) to repair their mistake with a little elbow grease, a few minutes of time and a little effort.



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    2 years ago

    I agree that it is hard to repair a vinyl fence and still have it look good. I'm sure this kit you've created would be a great help to repair my fence. One of the sections of my fence has a crack from the top all the way from the bottom. Should I just have that part completely replaced?

    Thanks for the info I can actualy use the stuff but the article it looks to me like free advertising, this is really not the right place to do that.

    Thanks for sharing your video!