Step 1: Stuff You Need

Picture of Stuff You Need
Hardware you'll need:

  • ConTact paper (a brand of low-tack, self-adhesive vinyl, commonly used by grandmas as "shelf liners", has a very matte finish) or similar low-tack, self-adhesive, thin vinyl. 
  • Tape (preferably easily visible and low-stick, like painter's tape or masking tape)
  • Writing utensil (marker or pencil)
  • Scissors
  • Large sized scrap paper (like used news papers or newsprint)
  • Plastic card (like a library card - this is not pictured.)


  • An idea
  • A plan

Costs: The only supply I had to purchase was the ConTact Paper: $30 with shipping, ordered through amazon, with awesome variety in colors, but you can find smaller rolls with different prints at local hardware stores for around $10
ZaderMan5 years ago
Does the ConTact paper stick completely to the wall? Can it peel off without ripping the wall paint, after you're finished using it?
britsteiner (author)  ZaderMan5 years ago
Yes, it sticks completely to the wall, and all of my tests have peeled off cleanly. It didn't pull up the paint, nor leave any residue on the wall. It's very low tack, seems less sticky than a Post-It note stickiness.
I'd suggest testing a piece of contact paper on a wall inside a closet or someplace hidden, to be sure that your wall and paint will be safe with the contact paper, before you start a project.
Like renters, this is a GREAT idea for those in military housing where painting walls is frowned upon. We've got another PCS move this month and you've definitely sparked my creativity for the entire house! Thank you!!
I wish I would've found this when were still military! 

Good luck ladies!
Might want to double-check before there's an inspection though...not sure how all bases operate, but some are pretty rude.
me too, im planning on creating "headboards" for the beds in the house. very fun. Im a little disappointed that the paint in military housing is on everything from the light switch panels to covering cable connections.
 Wait, this may sound stupid, but why do you need contact paper and tape? Just to hold it in place before you smooth it down?

britsteiner (author)  SabreLightning5 years ago
If the pieces are small enough, you do not need the little tape pieces to hold it up. You can just peel and stick them easily. 

The longer pieces I used were longer than my arm at several feet long, so the tape was a temporary help so that I could get the large piece in place on the wall before peeling off the backing to stick it down. (If I didn't use the temp tape and tried to eyeball the big pieces, I ended up starting sticking the beginning  down at the wrong angle, and then the far end of the strip was not where I wanted it to be placed.)
Tinkergirl6 years ago
Seems in the UK, it goes by the trade name Fablon. Just took me a fair internet search to find that out, so hopefully it'll save someone else the bother. 1.5m for about £5ish.
They sell it in Wilkinsons!
Cheers for that! I've been looking for that online for ages :p
Rebecca097 years ago
I saw a similar thing on another craft site and loved the idea. I am moving into an apartment next june-ish and I think this would be perfect. Question though- how easily does it come off? and how do you take it off? does it like mess up the paint? thanks
Contact paper comes off super easily, no worries :). I've never seen it mess up paint.
Love this idea! I've been searching the internet for a while now for vinyl wall art to eventually put up my nursery, but all the ones I found were too pricey and I am poor, haha. It never occurred to me to make something myself. I really wanted to paint designs on the walls, but I don't think I can with the fumes, so this is an awesome alternative so I can participate in decorating the baby's walls. One question, I found the ConTact paper at Amazon, do you know what section it would be in at Walmart?