Step 10: Bonus Part 2: Tree Shelf

Picture of Bonus Part 2: Tree Shelf
1/16/2009: Here's another design I've created (now 2 years after creating the original design, and in a new apartment).
Without a headboard yet I wanted to "frame" the bed against the wall. I mounted a cantilevered shelf on the wall far above the bed, and created illustrated vinyl trees like bedposts arc up to the shelf. I put the shelf up first, and simply cut the vinyl around it and tucked the edges in behind the shelf.

I didn't really plan this one out on newsprint, but built the tress freeform. Starting with the trunks and large branches, then the smaller branches, I gradually filled in spaces and created a pleasing but irregular balance. I also found it useful to keep the branching angles within a consistent range, to mimic how a tree grows naturally for a good illustration.

Spooky and Halloweeny or clean and Scandinavian, depending on how you look at it.

Cyndal3 years ago
I love how you like to creep your designs up onto the ceiling as well. Very well thought out and chic