Step 12: Final Thoughts

Picture of Final Thoughts
Here is the full wrap around set of images. My room isn't large enough to stand back and get a panoramic shot or even minimize distortion to stitch a set together, so here are simply the three images, in order.

I did this project two weeks ago, and I noticed a few small edges rolled up from the wall. I promptly card-scraped them back down, and they seem to stay down well. Update: 11/2009 (16 months later): after this first week of scraping down the corners once it settled in to place, I didn't need to do anything to maintain the wall vinyl for the following 16 months it was on the wall. Zero maintenance! 

This project turned out really well, and I hope it inspires you to make something neat :)

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rasidanks6 years ago
great iinstructable! below my pics
britsteiner (author)  rasidanks5 years ago
Neat! Makes me think of Dali paintings.
quinncan3 years ago
This is awesome! I am renting a room with all wood walls, but it's like plastic wood or something because it's so difficult to hammer a nail in and hang my paintings up. I've been trying to think of an alternative way to "dress up" my walls without creating any damage & THIS.IS.PERFECT! Thank you for sharing! [:
ivanadrian4 years ago
thnx for this it looks awesome~
im planing to do this with a stronger more industrial viynl (like the one used on car decals)
to do this
awesome instructible keep it up :3
 Thanks so much for the step-by-step process of how to do this! i have a newly painted wall with NOTHING on it! it's been that way for so long and i have had no idea about what to put up!! i have several ideas of things to put on my different kinds/designs of musical notes being played out of the corner...or these weird prism-looking things that i keep on finding myself doodling...i'll post my pictures prolly over the summer when i can work on it! thanks(:
rhangatoby5 years ago
you do not understand the level of awesome this is making me encounter 
ravijojla5 years ago
This looks great! Thanks for the nice idea :)
azaana5 years ago
wow very good, i wish i had seen this before since ithink it has worked better than what i did. i drew a styleised curving tree on my wall in pencile then painted over worked well but i think this metohd would work better and give a better finish. btw this wall is in a place where it dosent matter about how permerment it is.
Jjette6 years ago
wow! swirlly-swirl!!! cute!
ht2o6 years ago
u should do in a differnt room a full art work like take differnt colors and put them on top of eachother to do a full drawing like art that would look awesome
This is absolute genius. I like to do large chalk drawings on my walls but my landlords always get so upset.....this is so much more rental friendly! I can't wait to use some of my own designs. Thank you so much for sharing.
lol my land lord is my mom (i live with her wat do u exxpect im 13) lol
stamm6 years ago
This was a great idea. Im glade you put this up. I think I will try this with tribal dragons.
romojohnny6 years ago
This is really sweet. I like the way it looks. I was planning to do this kind of design but instead decided to get brown and green contact paper and do palm trees in the corners of my room and bamboo in the space between the corners of the room. This was a really creative idea thanks a lot!!
Absolutely awesome, now I have to finish the CNC machine as I cant cut a straight line to save my life :)
Gina656 years ago
Looks really great and unique!! (I have not seen this before!) Thank you for sharing. :-D
Excellent job!
demonbabi136 years ago
*flips out* thats so cool. I have got to try this!
Ooohhhh!!! I have some scrap red vinyl! I've been looking for a way to use it up!
maffeo6 years ago
Wow I really like how you came up with all that. A few times when I was bored I'd take a roll of electrical tape and make pretty simple contour drawings. You took it to a whole other level. If you do get the urge to paint your place some day, you could probably paint over the vinyl, then peel it off, then you'll have a more permanent option. I could see myself trying out something like this pretty soon.
schwpz6 years ago
Ooooh, awesome project! :D
I just repainted the walls on my bedroom and have been pondering about how to fill up all the new, white space. This way I get to add some wall decor to those boring whites, but without having my husband going kamikaze on me for messing up his newly painted walls! x3
Swirls, soap bubbles, butterflies... the possibilities are endless! Think I'll go and order me some contact paper! :D
Thanks for making this tutorial and graz with an awesome bedroom and living room decor! _
Smithington6 years ago
hooray! I've been wanting to do something like this for a while, but never thought to look for an instructable, thanks!
cuteychao6 years ago
Great idea! I'm definitely going to try this! Let's see if mine will look as good as yours. ;)
bloodniece7 years ago
I use vinyl sign material in my art a lot.You can also cut vinyl directly on glass or plexiglas. Use a spray bottle of water to create a vapor/mist layer between the glass and vinyl, then apply a full sheet of vinyl. Work the air and water bubbles from the center out using s small squeegee. You can then cut your design out and remove the negative areas of the design leaving the positive on the glass. This is a trick auto detailing companies use and so can you . . .
Example of how I use vinyl:
Vinyl on Plexi
vinoveritas7 years ago
Beautiful. That Brad is one lucky guy.
salmonsteve7 years ago
But cant you see the overlapping of the various peices on the wall?