Step 9: Bonus! Bamboo from Scraps

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I kept a giant pile of the decent-sized scraps, and my male-counterpart Brad suggested "What about something like bamboo in the living room?" We have an antique black with inlay Japanese dining table in our living room, and so I thought it would go perfectly.

He's an idea man, but not one for implementation, so that went to me. I went to work cutting bone-shapes for the bamboo silhouettes and pointed ovals for the leaf shapes. The key is to work like you're making a two-tone illustration with this stuff, and don't get stuck on photo-realism. It might help to look up illustrations of stuff you're thinking about making, to see how other artists have distilled the basic forms.

Another bonus: you can also order chalkboard ConTact paper. Because ConTact paper is much easier to install than using chalkboard paint! (A good friend of mine has been experimenting with the chalkboard roll for a few weeks with excellent results.)
djkid14565 years ago
this is nice and all, but wouldnt it peel from moisture?
britsteiner (author)  djkid14565 years ago
I'd put them up in bedrooms and living rooms, and I have not had a problem with peeling from moisture. I haven't tried it in a bathroom or other high-humidity area, but the only factor I've seen that causes rolling or peeling is if the plastic is accidentally stretched when you're sticking it up. (If it was stretched while putting it on the wall, then later when the Contact paper settles, it will un-stretch back to its normal size which can cause it to peel up. As long as you don't stretch it while putting it on the wall, it seems to stay smooth and neat on the wall indefinitely.) -Brit
Lzrd517 years ago
Does contact paper come off the walls easily? I'm in a rented place as well so that would be a consideration. Thanks
britsteiner (author)  Lzrd517 years ago
I found the vinyl comes off very easily, since it's less sticky than a Post-It note. But definitely test first in a closet or somewhere hidden. Also, you could try using a hair dryer on it to release the vinyl.
 ...actually, i use contact paper a lot in my painting as a stencil, and occasionally go over it with a hair dryer to dry the paint.  if you do it too much, the gummy glue will stick worse, though the vinyl will come off....
Thanks Britsteiner, I really like the ones you have done and posted here - very creative and so different as far as decorating goes.
Elgeess6 years ago
Um, I love that lampshade!!! How about an instructable for that?
Take four empty wooden picture frames, and epoxy glue them together to make a box. Glue whatever shade of rice or tissue paper to the inside of the frame. And you should know or be able to figure out how to set up the lamp electrical on the inside and how to hang it. Recommend led lighting. One the outside, use one of those bamboo placemats from the dollarstore, spraypainted whichever color you like or find. Taking out rungs where you want spaces, and either staple gun them to the exterior, or even interior of the frame-box. Wha-la.
britsteiner (author)  Elgeess6 years ago
I wish that I could take credit for that, but alas, the lampshade came from a clearance sale at Pier 1 Imports a few years ago.
soph_stg6 years ago
Oh I love this! I work at a sign-making place and we have so much scrap vinyl around..I'd love to try to make something similar. You can buy Removable Vinyl from most vinyl suppliers (Spandex usually has it in stock) for about $5 a metre which is really easy to remove and doesn't leave any sticky marks on the wall.
This is great! My kids share a room and this will be a perfect way for them to personalize their own area!
tootse3186 years ago
I cannot WAIT to do something like this in my new home!!! We are newlyweds and poor (of course!) and this will make our new place so personal. He is a graphic designer and is always getting creative ideas. Thank you so very much!!
Waddler716 years ago
I love this idea.
gravymatt6 years ago
Really niicee, I feel like the ninja a camouflaged in the bamboo jungle, waiting....
ironclover7 years ago
i love your design! i am totally going to try this