Step 6: Put it in a bOx.

Picture of Put it in a bOx.

Finally,when you complete soldering all the needed wires, find a box and put all in :)

Mine was only a prototype (I didnt even rename the buttons) and i will improve it by putting leds and linear potentiometer (crossfader type).
I will also use a nice and large project box.

To be able to use it as as virtual dj controller, download a software called ''rejoice'' , it is free.
Then you just need to assign the buttons as you want in virtual dj.
For e.g play/pause or sync or effects or whatever function you need.
Do the same for the potentiometers (use as crossfader or equalizer or even volume).

Hi, i make that projecy. I have fergojoystickmidi. It works perfectly on ableton 8.2.2 but not working on Traktor and virtual dj! I dont like ableton I wanna Traktor or virtual dJ! Please HELP!!
hey gulshan20 nice instructable btw!!! i am about to tare down a ps2 joystick to use it as a midi controller with multicontrol on mac.

correct me if im wrong.. each analog stick has two axis therefore 2 potenciometers per analog

am i right? so there are 4 potenciometers per joystick..

how do i cable a FADER (from an old mixer) to an axis of an analog to use it as a potenciometer instead of using the analog..??

hope you understood my question
thanks in advance
gulshan20 (author)  martinqueija4 years ago
Yes each stick has 2 potetiometers.now,on a rotatry potentiometer,there are three connections,namely power,signal and ground.on the slider potentiometer from the mixer also there are three connections,just google to find out which connections do what(signal ground or power) and connect them to the gamepad.
Beonic4 years ago
is it possible to connect a second pad to the first one for more functions
or seperate?
gulshan20 (author)  Beonic4 years ago
no,the 3 pots are not used for equalizer.
they are used as equalizer FADERS , that is, i can play the voice from 1 deck,and use the bass of the other deck. It makes mixing so much more easy:) .

yes,u can use 2 or more gamepads to get more functions, then you have to use a program called ''fergo joystick midi'' to be able to combine the gamepads into 1 single midi outlet.(thanks to mikergee who found this software)

as for the deck switching,i use it to apply effects and loop out button, that is ,when i press choose deck A and i press an effect button, the effect will be applied to deck A, similarly ,i can do the same for deck B.

please share any progress so that other people can save time investigating into the matter again:)
yeah i will post some progress soon
i have to order a new gamepad ...i damaged the first one =(

i like diy things and i like ur project so...
my idea is to create a full vdj controller like a dj mixer but without jogwheel
gulshan20 (author)  Beonic4 years ago
yes please post your progress,and if possible,post pictures too:)
btw,we are currently working on how to use encoder wheels(jogwheels) into our DIY gamepad mod!
will post progress if any!
gulshan20 (author)  Beonic4 years ago
i once tried to figure this out but then later just dropped the idea as i am not using the device often.
U should basically be able to do it. use rejoice,there is a function of combining 2 or more gamepads and output them to a single midi.
try it and post your results.thanks for helping and trying further things about the project:)
Beonic4 years ago

U use only 3 potis for the EQ
do u have to switch Deck A or B ?
gulshan20 (author)  Beonic4 years ago
please note that the 3 pots are used to crossfade high/mid/bass.
that is i can crossfade for example, only the bass of 2 songs,i dont neccesarily have to crossfade the whole song.this make mixing easier and harder to notice that the songs are changing.
mikergee4 years ago
what about the button between the two analog stick. (see picture)  i have to push it before you can use the stick as analog and its off by default.
gulshan20 (author)  mikergee4 years ago
hi mikergee.
well,its very simple,just solder 2 other wires to the analog key(from the circuit board) and add a push switch in between,just like the other buttons.
after i did this,i simply renamed the button as ON/OFF,which actually just toggles the potentiometers:)
thanks for commenting:).
Beonic4 years ago
ok thanks

the problem with the buttons

i habe to assign the buttons first then de X/Y and it works

but when i connect a potentiometer i cant turn the the knob in vdj

gulshan20 (author)  Beonic4 years ago
ok.in virtual dj u have 3 settings to asign : 1.button
when u are assigning buttons,u choose button,
similarly,when u are assigning slider( in our case potentiometer), u need to select SLIDER/KNOB.
btw, use virtual dj 5.0.7 not 6.0
sorry for confusing u,but use 5.0.7 not 6.0 pro/
i myself got confused the other day and told u 6.0, but today i checked it and it is 5.0.7 that u must use.
Beonic4 years ago
I assign all buttons i need in rejoice... but in vdj i can only use the XY axis
no button ..what schould i do

the xy works nice with the x fader but i cant use any buttons =(
gulshan20 (author)  Beonic4 years ago
use virtual dj 6.0 pro to assign the buttons.
in fact,you should be able to do it with any virtual dj, click onto config,then mappers.
u should be able to configure the buttons there.
gulshan20 (author)  Beonic4 years ago
I had some problem of this type also..
What i did, i used a just previous version of vdj.
Am not currently on my laptop,i will give u more explanation and details tomorrow.
aymiecakes5 years ago
would there happen to be a mac alternative to rejoice? ive looked around for a while and cant seem to find one... any help would be appreciated thanks ;)
jordiaz20105 years ago
well proyect , i need look inside of box , from know how wire conect to pot...
please¡¡¡ thank