Picture of DIY Vivus the Robot

This tutorial will show you how to build Vivus the Robot, an autonomous, self navigating little robot. You can get the Vivus the Robot Kit from the BW Science Labs Store here.

Step 1: Chassis

Picture of Chassis
  Your robot kit includes 2 flat wooden boards. Superglue both of these together, one on top of the other. You can use superglue, wood glue, double-sided tape, whatever you have on hand. There, you now have a chassis, or body, that you will build your robot on! You’ll then want to put a piece of double-sided foam tape on each side of your chassis. If you don’t have foam tape, then just about any other adhesive or glue will do the trick.
gharibyus3 years ago
How much power does this need ????
sciguy77 (author)  gharibyus3 years ago
Chowmix125 years ago
i could do the same thing with a capacitor, resistor, transistor, bump switch, dpdt relay, and 2 motors.
ManyuX955 years ago
My brother did something like that, in fact I think it is the same xD, just that the one my brother made had 4 wheels and he used ¿infrared? leds (dont know how to say infrarojo in english)
ims geek5 years ago

Is this your website Sciguy77? Because I don't think I can find the parts in Saudi Arabia. So i will order it and I will include my p.o.box in USA in paypal transaction is that okay? since I don't wanna send it to SA directly.
sciguy77 (author)  ims geek5 years ago
 Sure, that's absolutely fine. Enjoy the kit!
sweet but i caint find the board sold separatly its always back order minimum of 25
sciguy77 (author)  electronic boy5 years ago
 Yeah, also you'd have to program it in BASIC yourself. You could however just go with the kit.