DIY Vortex Light of Terror





Introduction: DIY Vortex Light of Terror

Homemade LED Vortex Light that looks super-cool on your desktop, living room or as a night light. Took around half a day to make using stuff laying around the house.

Illuminated from the sides with red LEDs in the fins in order to yield the most dramatic fiery effect.

More images and related notes.



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How about making it an actual instructable??

 i totally agree

looks like a magnetic stirrer (can see something in the bottom of the glass) with red LED's in the side strips. i like it.

You're right, it is a magnetic stirrer with LED's in the "fins".

I think what he meant was there wasn't any instructions whatsoever. Even in most other slideshows they'd explain what they're doing in the pictures.

hehe, hadn't even thought about this slideshow in a while.
I actually meant exactly what I said.

Chein (the OP) has a fairly nice write up of the how-to on HIS website.

I'm not 100% sure, and there've been chats about it elsewhere on this site.
Someone will probably end up correcting me, but it is my understanding that slide shows are for "hey, lookie what I've done". Normal 'ibles are "look, this is how you too can do it".

I guess my issue was, the slideshow was used to promote an "off-site 'ible" (similar in many ways to spam, but with better intentions)
If the author had changed the wording a bit from "The rest of the build here(link to website)" to something more like "the rest of the build is here(link to instructable of the project) and also on my website(link to his website)".... I wouldn't have an issue :-) Or if he had mearly posted the slideshow(falls within terms of usage for the site) then i wouldn't have had any issue(now at least. back then i didn't fully understand the purpose of the slideshows).

I still say The project author should write up the project and post it as an actual ible... and then perhapse edit the "here" link to redirect to the new ible instead. Like he did on his PWM 'ible

Bypassing the fact that this IS a slideshow, I think that one could make it (perhaps) better by dissolving green (or whatever u like) fluorescent marker ink in the water and lighting it up with UV leds instead of the red ones.....

ummm, very cool idea, but as 'craz meanman said...... "it's a slide show." It would be cooler if it was a lil' more low-tech (just a simple pic or two) but with some real info on this page, not just a link. like I said though, i like the idea.