This instructable is a gallery of wedding ideas. I will be sharing how to make a table setting with a tuxedo, shirt, wedding gown, place cards, flower arrangements, gift favors, and showing lots of pictures. I also have made a video on how to fold the tuxedo, the shirt, and the wedding gown. This instructable is Part 1 of a 2 Part instructable.


  1. The groom napkins are 18 inches square and the bride is an 18 inch diameter.
  2. 1/2 yard of white Cotton or linen fabric for the shirt, I usually get extra fabric because too many times I bought exactly what I needed and made a cutting mistake and the store did not have the same fabric or shade of fabric.
  3. 1/2 yard of black cotton or linen fabric for the tuxedo,
  4. A little more than 1/2 yard white cotton or linen fabric for the dress. 
  5. 2 yards of lace,
  6. (1) small paper Doily ( For the dress bodice  ) , 2 if using paper for the dress. ( make sure that the dress doilies are 18 inches.)
  7. Embellishment for the tuxedo pocket, 2-3 shirt buttons, flower for the wedding dress, felt for the bow-tie/ and a small button for the center of the bow-tie.
  8. Matching thread,
  9. Scissors,
  10. Sewing machine,
  11. Glue,
  12. Iron,
  13. Pins,
  14. Seam ripper,
  15. Ruler or measuring tape, 
  16. 18 inch diameter pattern from cardboard ,
  17. Marker to draw pattern,
  18. Cardboard.


If you are making these for a large wedding I would rent the napkins for the tuxedo and make the dresses if you can't rent round napkins.   It cost me about $ 1.50 each. You might get a better discount by ordering bulk.  I sew a lot so I had a lot of things already and the cost is estimated. 

We have a Hobby Lobby here and every other week you can just about count on a coupon with 40% off of any regular priced item and at our store they give the discount on fabric even if it is on sale but,  they don't give it towards any other sale item.  They figure 40% off regular price on fabric if it is on sale.  You can save a lot by having friends and family save coupons and help you get the things you need.  This coupon works great on the large items and fabric because it applies to 1 or 50 yards off the same bolt. 




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