Wall Mounted Skull Headphone Stand


Introduction: Wall Mounted Skull Headphone Stand

I recently re arranged my home rehearsal room and one feature that I had (wall mount for my tablet using a tom bracket) became obsolete. I have another bracket installed that holds a lcd, so i figured i would re-purpose it. Since I need a couple of headphone stands, and been so close to halloween... i could no resist to do a Skull Headphone Stand/Wall mount.

I bought a cheap Halloween prop skull at Lider (our version of wal****t) and added a "spider nut" using some hot glue, then using an old cymbal stand part (like a simple memory lock) attached it to a goose neck and then to the wall mounted clamp.

So... Here we go.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

For the materials you need

  • A Prop, big enuff to hold your headphones. (in this case, plastic skull)
  • Means to hold the prop (in this case, tom bracket for the wall mount, microphone gooseneck for the arm and metal clamp to attach to the prom.)
  • Mounting options on the prop it self ( in this case, T or "spider")


  • Something to drill

I will depend on your prop, in my case it was soft enuff for me to be able to "drill" using some scissors

  • Something to glue

Hot glue worked for me.

Step 2: Get the Prop

Choose what you want to use. I went for the classic and cheap halloween skull prop

Step 3: Drill It

In this case, the plastic was quite soft so i used a blade to "drill" the hole

Step 4: Attach the Mount

secure a nut using hot glue or other glue. i will mount the prop on to a microphone stand gooseneck

Step 5: Put It Together

Put your pieces together making sure you have the proper length / alignment.

Step 6: Mount It to the Wall.

I´m re purposing a previously installed Tom bracket for this. This makes for easy removal.

Step 7: Enjoy

Now just rest your headphones on it. In this case, I can use the jaw to hold the cable.

Not bad for a 5 minutes build.



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    Nice. Have you had any issues with the plastic warping from the weight of the headphones, or does the mounting pin carry the whole load?

    1 reply

    Hei! No issues so far. The plastic its really strong and the headphones are not that heavy.

    Thank you sir. Now I just need to build a spider box to store guitar picks and I'm ready for a Halloween jam. :)