Picture of DIY Water pump
Water pump which made from plastic bottle and cd-rom motor. :) inspired by junits15 &  XDleader555.
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rimar20004 years ago
Very good work. But, isn't better a tangential output? Another point: if you put a pencil or something similar near the device, one can figure the relative size.
For scale, the volute appears to be the cap to a 1 gallon milk jug.
yachtsman (author)  rimar20004 years ago
Thank you. :) I don't know what you mean by tangential output? Currently I have no other pictures. :(
Tangential output is an exhaust tube tangential instead of radial.
jbrown23 years ago
to make this a water proof unit go to your auto parts store and get an in tank pump for the gas tank. these motors run very high speed and can be run at slower speed for a water pump they last for ever. I worked in a shop we had a car come in with over 300k miles and was 15yrs old.
mukand3 years ago
How do I waterproof the shaft/bearings of the motor to prevent the water running inside the motor?
Spray some WD-40 on it. It repels moisture, rust, and runs smoother.
Vijster13 years ago
Made a floating waterproof version.
zack2474 years ago
can you show me how you made the impeller?
yachtsman (author)  zack2474 years ago
The impeller is made of cotton buds, where the liquid glue stuck rotor blades from the plastic packaging on the CD. In fact, as with
TecDroiD4 years ago
hey, nice work. how is the engine mounted to he pump without getting wet? how much power has the pump?
yachtsman (author)  TecDroiD4 years ago
Good question. :) The engine is fitted with melt adhesives, and is not isolated. This is obviously a mistake. First oxidised contacts and rusted engine. :-D After cleaning works normally again. However, I can not recommend this design for underwater use. : ( Displacement is about 30 cm in plastic straws from drinks. I have to make a waterproof version because I liked the sound of the fountain. :-D
What do the inner workings look like? Is there some sort of propeller?
yachtsman (author)  Orangutanlibrarian4 years ago
I have no photos of the propeller itself, but I added some pictures of the pump, where the propeller is visible. It is made of plastic from a CD.