Introduction: DIY Waterproof Flashdrive Casing

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This Tutorial is going to show you how you can keep not only your family photos safe, but your flashdrive as well.

Step 1: Gather Materials

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Materials Needed:
-1x latex glove
-1x pair of scissors
-1x roll of electrical tape
-1x flashdrive
-A lot of will power to test if....well you don't have to cause. I already have! :D

Step 2: Cut the Fingers

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Now I know this sounds gruesome, but it really isn't. Ok, you will need to cut out the thumb, index, middle and ring finger from the latex glove. These will act as the waterproof casing.

Step 3: Applying the Casing

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During this step you will need to slide your 1st finger over one end of the flashdrive. Then you will need to slide your 2nd finger over the opposite end. Then slide your 3rd finger over the 1st finger side. Lastly, slide your 4th finger over the 2nd finger side.

Step 4: Applying Tape

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Now you will need to wrap the entire casing in electrical tape.

Step 5: Drop in Water.....

Picture of Drop in Water.....


Step 6: TAKE OUT!!!!

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Step 7: UNWRAP!!!

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Ahhh....your flashdrive is safe....but you still need to test it.

Step 8: TESTING......

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Picture of IT WORKKSS YEAAAHHH!!!!!!



jarcher12 (author)2012-05-25

I would assume all your precious files are already redundantly backed up on different hard drives and dvd's - the usb is only for transporting files not as backup ?!?

mman1506 (author)2011-10-01

So you have to re-case it every time you use it. Most flash drives will be fine if you drop them in water

iwojima1397 (author)mman15062011-10-04

This is just to make sure its completely secure if you accidently jump into the pool with it. Yes you would have to re-case it every time, but it insures that your precious family photos, files, etc. are safe.

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