Introduction: DIY Waterproof Matches

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Ever wish you had waterproof matches, need them in a hurry for a last minute camping trip? Well, this is simple, yet effective way of making waterproof matches for your survival kit or lighting a campfire.

Materials: Candle, and a  few matches

Light your candle

Step 1: "waxing"

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Dip your match heads inside the melted wax, making sure to have the matchhead fully covered. Wait for the wax to dry and your done. To light the matches scrape off a bit of wax and Strike It.


Scrape of some wax and strike it the scratchpad or sidewalk


TimWolfe451 (author)2016-03-15

Survival Life and the Family Protection Association is giving away free waterproof matches at - pretty nice giveaway if I do say so myself! :) My family are big survivalists and we've tried many different types of waterproof matches, but this free one has been the best by far. Great spark. I use very little pressure when striking. I get a good spark and a successful light almost every time. Unless you lose it, this will last a lifetime.

itsruthanitha (author)2016-02-28

I found the discount code for water proof matches, Wax coated for waterproofing. Use this code "PD10"and save 10%.

bennyb1 (author)2012-02-21

The one's I find are all strike on the box-no strike anywhere. The problem with that is just that-if the striker plate gets wet, it won't strike. The sulpher tip was taken away because people were using them in making meth-red sulpher. But as far as wax, that's great. I've done that for years, and it works great. Good tip.

bennyb1 (author)2012-02-20

I'm just curious about where you got the matches. I've been looking everywhere, and all I can find are the 'strike on box' matches. Seems like they think we're all out to make meth, so took the 'strike anywhere' matches away from us all.

bobthebuilder728 (author)bennyb12012-02-20

i just got them from the grocery store...

danfolkes (author)2012-01-20

Very good tip!

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