Picture of DIY Waxed Canvas Camera Bag
Looking to put together a sexy camera bag?  Already have a messenger bag you want to carry your camera in?  Love the look and feel of waxed canvas bags but don't want to fork over the money to buy one new?  THIS TUTORIAL IS FOR YOU!

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Step 1: Turn Your Messenger Bag Into a Camera Bag

Picture of Turn Your Messenger Bag Into a Camera Bag
1)  Get your bag.
2)  Buy a camera bag insert (such as:
3)  Put insert into bag...and, voilà!

Step 2: Materials Needed to Wax Your Bag

Picture of Materials Needed to Wax Your Bag
1)  Your bag (obviously)

2)  A double boiler.  I recommend NOT using one intended for kitchen can be a mess to clean.  Rig one out of old pans, coffee cans, or whatever you may have around.  I used two old, aluminum camping pots that I had sitting in the basement.

3)  Wax.  Many places recommend a blended mixture of paraffin and bee's wax, but I used straight paraffin, and it seems to have turned out fine.  You can pick up a pound box of paraffin wax in the canning section of Walmart or your local grocery store.  You shouldn't need more than one or two of the included wax bars. - LINK:

4)  A brush.  I recommend a bristle brush between 1/2" and 1"...up to 1-1/2".  Any smaller and it would take to long; much larger, and it would be too unwieldy and messy.  I used a half-inch artistic brush I had sitting around.
szarei9 months ago
This is cool. Thank you :-)
Love the look! Nice job recreating it :) You should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest!
xepher27922 years ago
This is super cool and I will have to try it.
On a slightly separate note can you tell me what bag you used for the base because I really like it but my Google-fu seems to be insufficient to source it.
allenmowery (author)  xepher27922 years ago
I had actually never been able to locate any more bags like mine online, but thanks to a commenter on for finding them on eBay! Here's a link:
oldmicah2 years ago
I had no idea on how to do this. Nice overview!

I also wanted to reinforce using a double boiler to melt wax. Melting it over direct heat (not using a double boiler) is very dangerous!