DIY Ways to Play With Sphero: Obstacle Course




Introduction: DIY Ways to Play With Sphero: Obstacle Course

School is almost out. Are you ready to play? With household items like sticky notes, paper clips, thumbtacks, binder clips, dry erase markers, video game boxes, and even video game controllers, you can have loads of fun this summer making obstacle courses for your Sphero.

Have a favorite place in your house or special park you like to visit? Organize routes, create jumps, and set up barriers for Sphero to roll on through. Try creating hard-to-maneuver paths and surprising blockades with your array of objects to test Sphero and your friends' driving skills. See what you can design with the simplest, or strangest, items you have lying around the house and wake up your Sphero – it's time to play!

No matter what you use to make your obstacle course, have a ball setting it up and testing it out this summer. You ready? Go! Send us your photos on Facebook and Twitter. We can't wait to see what you come up with.



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