Step 5: Good Luck!

With these invitations you can design other materials to match the background or theme chosen,  I had RSVP cards that matched along with attendee gifts (which will be in another Instructable).

All in all these invitations cost me about... $35 or so (which isn't not bad at all for completely custom invitations).

$5 for the card stock (I had Office Depot split a ream of paper.  They'll typically do this if you ask.  I only needed 1/4 of the ream so that's what I paid for.)

$12 for the Velum (yes, this can get expensive, but I use it for other things as well)

$10-15 to print the Background and Velum (cost of a re-manufactured ink cartridge or printing/copying at your local office supply store)

$7 for the ribbon (I only used 2 rolls and got them on sale)

The RSVP cards came in a kit already perforated and ready for print. They were another $10 or so...

Anyways,  good luck to you and yours and I wish you and your family well.  Enjoy!
those are beautiful. I made similar for my son and daughter in law. Using standard size colored card stock, printed the information on one side, flipped over to put just their names and the date. Then on the velum (also lightly colored), I used the picture that had gone out on their invitations...2 intertwined hearts. folded the card stock lengthwise, and punched holes in the top, attached the velum on the front with ribbon. The names and date showed thru the velum.They were beautiful!

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