Step 5: Good Luck!

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With these invitations you can design other materials to match the background or theme chosen,  I had RSVP cards that matched along with attendee gifts (which will be in another Instructable).

All in all these invitations cost me about... $35 or so (which isn't not bad at all for completely custom invitations).

$5 for the card stock (I had Office Depot split a ream of paper.  They'll typically do this if you ask.  I only needed 1/4 of the ream so that's what I paid for.)

$12 for the Velum (yes, this can get expensive, but I use it for other things as well)

$10-15 to print the Background and Velum (cost of a re-manufactured ink cartridge or printing/copying at your local office supply store)

$7 for the ribbon (I only used 2 rolls and got them on sale)

The RSVP cards came in a kit already perforated and ready for print. They were another $10 or so...

Anyways,  good luck to you and yours and I wish you and your family well.  Enjoy!