DIY WindShield Protector from Snow & Sun Using Feed Sacks

Picture of DIY WindShield Protector from Snow & Sun Using Feed Sacks
Here is another useful project made from FEED SACKS that would have been tossed into the trash. My feed sack idea came to mind while cleaning snow off our truck after the first snow this year. I remembered I had seen a windshield cover in a catalog earlier for over $20.00, I told myself then I can make one and it won't cost me a dime.

After my cover was completed I must admit my Husband laughed at my cover, however after the second snow he had to admit it worked pretty good.

I have given 2 different ways to make the Windshield cover. The first way is the McGyverism way for those who don't sew and want it done fast. The second way for those who know how to sew and like to be crafty.

Our truck is out in the elements all year long and is not driven much so I will continue to use my cover for all the seasons. The cover will keep the UV rays from damaging the interior.

Hope I have inspired some Feed Sacks Ideas with my projects and if you need some feed sacks just let me know.
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Step 1: Tools & Material Needed:

Picture of Tools & Material Needed:
McGyverism Way:
Feed Sacks
Dish Soap
Tape Measure
Duck Tape

Crafty Way:
Feed Sacks (My project needed 2 sacks)
Dish Washing Soap to clean the sacks
Sewing Machine
Sewing Machine Needles for heavy material
2 Outdoor UV Resistant Sewing Thread (Walmart)
Tape Measure
Masking Tape
clh2 years ago
Terrific idea, Spottedwalker! Concise, clear instructions. Thankfully where I live there is no snow; still, I love the feed sack ideas. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!