Using only some wire and pliers, you can whip up an ear wrap in under an hour. My Pin-spiration: http://pinterest.com/pin/530650768563928448/

Step 1: Cut a piece of wire...

Now hook the piece of wire around the back of your ear and bend it so it fits juuuuust right.
<p>I had a lot of fun with this! I probably should have made the feathers a bit bigger, but I love it, and don't care what others think. I also curved the feathers out for a fun effect. Thanks a million!</p>
Oh wow. that is TRULY AMAZING!!!!! I am SO going to make that!!!! thank-you for posting this!!! (I am truly, and I don't mean sort of but I mean REALLY TRULY super-duper going to have to make that like, as soon as I get my wire out!)
Thankyou for this i had a go and come up with some ideas of my own <br>
I'm trying this out as a birthday present for a friend. Already dug through my scrap silver and found some sterling wire to work with. Now I just have to find out how to surreptitiously measure her ear.......
That's really nice. <br> <br>What sort of wire did you use?
Well, I don't know what the wire's made of... all it says on the packaging is that it's 22 gauge. <br>
Looks like brass wire ;) <br>
Boss. Beautiful. And very well-written too. <br>How have I never seen this before? I will make one this weekend. <br>DDC <br>
Awesome ible
Is this natalie brown
I have something very similar from my great-grandmother. Her's was set with rhinestones and only over the top and bottom of the ear.
That's so neat I've never seen something like that!

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