This is a highly detailed tutorial on sculpting a Bonsai Tree in wire that includes what kind of wire you will need, what tools are required, complete visual and verbal instruction on how to sculpt the wire into a tree and then how to pose the tree with a Bonsai look and appeal as well as ideas on how to expand on your new art skill, sculpting wire Bonsai Trees. See below, here in the video description, a tool and supply list and other important information. Please rate this video, comment, share and subscribe to my channel. Visit my art shop at http://JakeCreates.Etsy.com

Tool and Supply List

Needle Nose Pliers Wire cutters Standard size clipboard or similar shaped object 22 gauge hobby, craft, floral or beading wire (UK conversion = 0.65mm)

Find hand tools at most hardware stores and online. Find wire at most hardware stores, florists, bead shops, crafts and hobby stores.

Note: The lower the wire thickness gauge number, the thicker and more difficult the wire is to work with. For example: If the wire gauge is 16 - the wire will be much more difficult to work with than if the wire gauge is 22. Try to work with a wire that has a gauge of at least 22.

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