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About $6

  • Plenty of 16 Ga. Dark Annealed Wire (I bought the 2lb reel). OKay. So now that this project is done, I can tell you I HATE THIS WIRE for this project. It is too stiff and hard to shape and really beat up my hands and fingers! I suggest a covered clothesline wire or floral wire. I saw some colored floral wire at the Dollar Store and am going to try it out again with that I think. But, for the sake of accuracy in the tutorial, I used the 16 Ga. wire from Home Depot for this project.
  • Wire cutters.
  • Pliers or jewelry tools are helpful for twisting the wire ends.
And thats it. Simple and cheap. Now the fun part…

Step 1: Making the Base

1. The first thing I did was make a wire circle to use as my base. Depending on how large you want your animal head you can determine the size of your base. I also was sure to add a little loop up at the top of the base for hanging.
This is awesome and such an inexpensive $6 design solution! I have been looking at deer heads on http://www.whitefauxtaxidermy.com but they seem a tiny bit out of my price range for now. I think I'll stick to the wire one you have made for now and hang him up outside, since like he would very likely handle the weather. Thanks again!
Now just add a blinking LED nose and you got your Christmas decorations started for the year! Part of me likes this and part of me thinks it's missing something, but I can't quite figure it out. Either way its cool and might be on the to do list.
Clever idea! Thanks for sharing.
I've been working on a display for halloween and have ruined 3 large chunks of styrofoam trying to get the head I liked, I never thought of a wire frame...duuuuuuuuuuuuh. Very nicely done and thank you for the imagination booster !
I LOVE this. Please send to Sarah at Instructables HQ! :D

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