DIY Wire Wrapped Gemstone Ring





Introduction: DIY Wire Wrapped Gemstone Ring

Few weeks ago my best friend gave me a bunch of leftover beads and stones , well... to me those were treasures! Among all the beads and stones these 2 oval shaped gemstones caught my eyes. I had to use them to make something nice... so I kept thinking. Finally the idea hit me, wrapping the stones with wire and of course swirls!

Follow this ible and find out how easily I made these rings.

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make these gemstone rings you'll need:

  1. Oval shaped gemstone,
  2. Craft wire,
  3. Jewelry pliers,
  4. Mandrel.

Step 2: Making the Base

Take a long piece of wire (20 inches or more, this would actually depend on your ring size).

Wrap the wire around the mandrel 2 times from 1 size larger than the actual ring size. Keep equal amount of wire on both sides after wrapping.

Now coil both sides of the wire in a counter clockwise motion to create the base.

Step 3: Completing the Base

Use flat nose pliers to flatten the base, so that the stone stays perfectly on it.

Then, coil the wires 2-3 times around the ring band, on both sides of the base.

Step 4: Wrapping the Gemstone

Place the stone on the base and firmly hold it with your fingers to keep it still.

Take any one side of the wire and wrap the gemstone from the middle as shown in the second picture.

After wrapping the stone 2-3 times, create a swirly pattern with the rest of the wire. Trim extra wire if needed. Keep the wraps and swirl loose, do not tighten them. Similarly wrap and create swirl on the other side.

Swirls are awesome! I loved how the ring turned out. I hope you enjoy making it!



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very cool!! what gauge wire should i use?? also, where would i find a mandrel-thingy ma bob??

What a fun ring to make. Thanks for sharing!!!

Whoops that should read, would love to make one ( well to be honest I would like to make a few) I will proof read better in future.

Bye again,


Hi, I love the rings, and would love to make on,could you please tell me what gauge wire you used.

bye for now, Gilly

Wow!! This is great! good work:)

Super cute.. Especially loved the blue one.

Aww... Thanks so much Tarun! Glad to know :)

I can't believe I missed this project, your rings are beautiful! I love the touch of color given by the blue gemstone :)

Thanks Linda! The blue one is my favorite too ^_^