A project I would like to share was done for our dear grannies for Mother's day. Two variants were done. The first variant I did together with my daughter. The second variant is a printable version (I did patterns in a photo editor and printed them out).

Materials are really simple:

The main one is a box of tea bags.

Some paper, color markers/pens/pencils, an adhesive (double-sided tape is comfortable to work with), scissors.

And of course a good mood because this gift is gonna be given to someone you love!

Here is my video tutorial with both variants:

Step 1: Take A4 Paper, Cut It Into Rectangles, Fold Them in Half and Cut Off Edges to Make a Tea Bag Shape.

My rectangles (tea tags to be) are 3,5 cm x 9 cm.

<p>I love making art projects!</p>
<p>This is such a cute idea! Thank you so much for sharing :)</p>
Thank you!
super cute idea!
Thank you, l'm glad you liked it :)

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