DIY Wood Emergency Power Bank by TP4056 Li-Ion Charging and USB DC Voltage Step-up Boost Module very cheap about 10 USD for 3 modude ( + Protector Batteries Module ), Wood box DIY, 2 cells laptop 18650, and more base tools, few time sunday, You can try do it now:

More Homemade External Power Bank Backup Battery for Smart Phone here:

<p>&quot;this is cool but how can we do it if there is no parts list&quot;</p><p>Jepp, I guess the author just steals videos for showing off here!</p>
well, charging li-ion batteries without protection in a wooden box....that will burn like a torch
<p>Cool Design!</p>
<p>this is cool but how can we do it if there is no parts list</p>
<p>Where u buy all module</p>
<p>What the module protection.?</p>
<p>Please post circuit diagram - thank</p>

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