DIY Wood Knife Sheath





Introduction: DIY Wood Knife Sheath

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Wooden knife sheaths offer some great advantages to leather and plastic sheaths. Wood sheaths don't hold water and dirt against your knives like leather sheaths do, and still have that great natural look plastic sheaths don't offer. Wooden sheath are traditional in japan.



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Wow! Very nice job. I like everything about it. The little touches w/ the horizontal pieces of the string wrap. Then you finished it off w/ the shoe polish. who-da-tunk!. Great job all the way around. I have been doing leather for more than 20 and have never made a wooden sheath. I just finished a 14" Confederate blade and wanted something a little more stable. I thought of a wood sheath wrapped in leather, but I like your idea better. Thanks so much for the little video.

This is the second time I've seen this video. I came across it a while back Youtube. Maybe twice hmmm....well good work

Nice sheath. I've got a coupe that would look better in a wood sheath.

On safety, though, gloves and table saws usually don't mix. And at the 2:00 mark, when you leave the cutoff with the blade spinning...that's a potential projectile.

I'm glad you liked it! You are absolutely right about safety. I botched that, but man it was freezing cold outside :)

very nice. great work on the table saw. good work.

this is completely awesome! I would attempt to make it but im missing an essintial component.......the knife....

Just google for "greenpete knife making" and you'll have an extremelly good starting point

Glad you liked it! The knife in the video is one I made myself from scratch, it's currently the best knife I own. You could start at the very beginning, and make a knife of your very own, then make the sheath! :)

Just make your knife out of an old file - use a sander to shape it and glue wood to both sides as a handle. Drill holes in the handle, push brass round stock threw the holes; shape it with sandpaper & a router if you like.


But.. do you need the thickness of the blade of the table saw to be the same of the knife blade? What if they don't match?