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This is my first project here on, I hope you enjoy it.

Like many other project here I started another MP3 soundsystem, but I hope this project will be different enough because of it style etc.

Step 1: Cutting All the Pieces of Wood

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First things first, cutting of the pieces of wood.

This pieces where all founds in the trashcan at work, the plates are from multiplex and the little pieces of wood right below are from hardwood.

Not all was used and not all was here already.

Measurements of some of the pieces are:

- 270x150mm (2 times)
- 150x100mm (2 times)
- 120x100mm (2 times)
- 100x80mm (2 times)

Step 2: Assembley

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Next step is the assembly

First drilling the holes with an 3mm drill and then with an 8mm drill.
This way the screws will be a little bit further in the wood, this is necessary in one of the following steps

Step 3: Assembley Part 2

Picture of Assembley Part 2

Here you can see the shape of the soundbox, on the first picture you can see the beginning with screws and glue.

On the second picture you can see how it's going to be, only the plate on the top is just to keep the box in shape while assembling all the parts

Step 4: Destroying the Pc Speakers

Picture of Destroying the Pc Speakers

Here you can see the donor, an old PC speaker with an 2x 5watt amplified system.

Step 5: Testfitting

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After the testfit and drilling of the holes where the speakers have to fit in, I started to glue and screw the little hardwood pieces on the inside to assemble the plate that have to come in the middle.

Step 6: Getting the Shape...

Picture of Getting the Shape...

Here you can see the shape that I wanted, I used enough glue to fill the gap between the 2 pieces of wood.

Step 7: Getting Closer to the Final Stage

Picture of Getting Closer to the Final Stage

After filling the holes on the outside to get a much smoother surface, I started to use some foil/big sticker to make the soundbox look a much nicer.

When all the foil is on the soundbox, I used a paint burner to let the plastic foil shrink en get a much smoother surface and edges.

Step 8: Getting the Components in Place

Picture of Getting the Components in Place

And then its time to fit in the speakers and amplifier.

At the back I drilled a hole for the 12v input and audio input, under the soundbox I placed some rubber stickers so the soundbox won't shake on the table.

Step 9: Finishing Touch

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The last thing to do is to cover the speakers so it will look very nice at the end :D

I used cheap panty socks and glued them at the back and put them on the soundbox with double sided tape

Step 10: The Result

Picture of The Result

I hope you liked it and if you have any questions please ask :D

Thank you for watching and please leave a message :D

Note: I come from Holland, so it is possible that my english isn't that good :D


BlackSnake (author)2015-09-25

You should not use plywood as building material, it resonates and spoil the sound.
MDF is what you need.
Anyway thanks for sharing ... :)

kondoruy (author)2012-06-17

First you english looks good to me, and second this is aesome like farmerboyk say "You my friend, have inspired me. Thanks! they look awesome!"
Today i got 2 pc speakers to spend in a similar proyect, now i have to put to work on it, thnks man.

farmerboyk (author)2011-12-13

You my friend, have inspired me. Thanks! they look awesome!

ThreeDelta (author)2011-05-12

Nice! I'm thinking of the same concept, but instead substituting some MDF in place of wood.

zvillesurfer (author)2010-04-20

yea i like the wood! looks great!

theinterruptingcow (author)2009-09-25

are you an aussie? i was wondering because those speakers are medion and the are a fairly large company in aus

No, I'm Dutch and come from The Netherlands :D These speakers were sold as set with an old PC some years ago, they sell Medion PC's and accecoires there. The store where we bought it is Aldi, and it's a big supermarket. Greets :D

The Ideanator (author)EppeRRR2009-09-25

I love the Netherlands, pretty much everyone is nice, the windmills are pretty nifty as well.

isacco (author)2009-09-25

I like this project. The wood case has an original design and is well crafted. Congratulations!

gadgetbadger (author)2009-09-24

Looks like a solid build, I think I will have to try this to fend off the winter blues. Thanks, Great Instructable.

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