Introduction: DIY Wooden Pot Lid Handle

Has this ever happened to you? A cheap but functional pot lid breaks at the handle and now all you have is nub to pick it up with?

Making a handle out of wood works better than you might think. I've been using a pine handle for a year now and it's still holding up. And when you consider the amount of water it takes on in the wash, and the heat difference when in use, it's doing pretty well.

Here's I how made a second handle out of a hardwood. Maybe it's time to spend more money on my pots!

Step 1: Make the Handle

Picture of Make the Handle

You can be as creative as you want with this step. Keep in mind that it might need to be stored and put in a dishwasher, so that might affect your design.

I took a piece of old window trim and glued 2 pieces together to get the desired thickness. Once you have the rough shape a belt sander is a great way to refine it.

Step 2: Attach the Handle

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Once you're happy with the handle you need to attach it to the pot lid.

I drilled a hole slightly smaller than the bolt then used the bolt to cut threads into it. You could use a brass insert with threads, and pound that into the timber handle, but because this is a hardwood it should hold the threads fine. As I said earlier, I did this with a softwood a year ago and it's had no issues.


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