Step 3: Adding a Top

 I cut another piece of scrap 11 1/2" by 19" to act as the top.  This may suit you fine as a top for your stool.  Just run a bead of glue around the top of your stool.  Center your stool and screw it to the top.  Sand everything.  My stool will eventually get an upholstered top.  I am going to cut a piece of foam and add material later.
One point I like to mention w.r.t. pocket hole jigs is to treat them like glue-ups. You should "dry fit" everything first, and then clamp like crazy, because it doesn't look right if you miss on the first try.
Hi Jeffeb3 <br> <br> <br>Have you tried any of the specialty pocket hole clamps that place a clamp into one pocket hole while you screw into the other? I tried Rocklers small clamp without much success. My clamp would come apart. It just wasn't sturdy enough.
Some glues are quite a problem such as the swelling that takes place when Gorilla glue hardens. Often even a quick wipe off will not really get the glue off of an area that you want to stain or finish. As much as possible I suggest staining off all pieces prior to any glue work taking place. That way wiping off a squeeze out will clearly display any residue before it becomes next to impossible to remove.
Hi Glorybe <br> <br>I'm not crazy about Gorilla Glue because of the way it expands. It has its place for a lot of applications though. I prefer Titebond II or III. They both develop a nice intial tack but let you reposition parts if needed and clean up is pretty easy with a damp cloth if done immediately. It will block stain if allowed to soak in. You have a great point, staining parts first is best.
Neat. I was wondering how pocket hole jigs worked and this video explained it well.<br> <br> <div class="media_embed"> <div class="media_embed"> <iframe frameborder="0" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Y5cza-XVSHA" width="420"></iframe></div> </div> <br>
http://ana-white.com/ <br> <br>You might get some ideas out of this site, or a kick at the very least. There are quite a few neat woodworking ideas that use the pocket hole jig as well. I have the Harbor Freight pocket hole jig. <br> <br>
I'll check that site out. It sounds familiar. Harbor freight is my second home. If I can't find a gadget there I look on Rocklers site.
Beautiful piece of furniture! I have the same jig, it is a neat tool. Great work!
Thanks for the kind words! That jig is a handy thing!

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