Step 9: Finishing touches

Picture of Finishing touches
Once you assembled all parts, you can add some finishing touches. I rounded off all corners of the case using files and sanded the whole outside of the case. To better emphasize the wood grain/texture, I finished off my case using bio-varnish (some sort of hard wax). The pictures show the case without varnish.

Own comments:
- I should have made a little cut out within the top and bottom part of the frame to accomodate for the iPads power switch. It never powered on unintentionally yet, but....
- I thought about adding a strap on the open side of the case so the iPad cannot fall out, but after holding some tan colored suede to the case I decided against it. It just looks better this way. And most "toy-owners" will be especially careful with their gadget anyways.

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strooom2 years ago
Nice instructable. This could be usefull for a MacBook Air as well.
I've made something similar for my iPod. I made it from walnut wood, and I did it in a different way. I will post an instructable once I have the step by step pictures.
Mike73 (author)  strooom2 years ago
Thank you for the pictures. I'm already curious about your instructable on this one. I recently bought a Motorola Razr HD and such a case could be just the high-quality case I've been looking for. I wanted to go for something rugged as a case, but it was already hard to even buy a flagship phone (no matter which brand I looked at), but getting accessories seems even harder.
And having someone responding to one of my instructables directly from the "neighborhood" (I'm from Germany) is even nicer.
Also, the notification about your reply reminded me that I still have to post a DIY about my daughters' new "furniture" ;-)
bossman9115 years ago
great job, you made seemed easy.
SamK925955 years ago
very impressive! im not sure if i have the patience to do that