Introduction: DIY: Wrap Dress From Scratch

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DIY Wrap Dress from Scratch!

Step 1: Drape Your Design

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I used draping tape to create my design.

Step 2: Drape the Dress Form With Muslin

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Drape and pin the muslin to the dress form. Then trace the draping tape with a sharpie.

Once you are done draping and tracing take the muslin off the dress form and add a half inch seam allowance to both pattern pieces. Put the muslin back on the dress form and mark notches, so that you will know where each pattern piece belongs.

Step 3: Cutting Time

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Take the pattern pieces and place them on the fabric and cut them out. Cut 2 of the front of the dress and cut the back piece on the fold.

Step 4: Pin It Together

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Sew the shoulders and sides together.

For the neckline, armholes and slit roll the edges once and then twice. Pin it and sew them down.

Step 5: Make the Belt Ties

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Cut the fabric on the fold.

Cut 2 belt ties about 3 inches wide and whatever desired length.

Fold each individual tie in half, put right sides together and sew. Leave the edges open.

Grab a safety pin and use it to turn the belt ties inside out.

Sew the belt ties to the dress.

Step 6: Make the Belt Opening

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I made a belt opening by leaving a measured space open in the side seam. Snip around the opening and pin it back. Then sew a square around it to secure it. Hem the bottom of the dress and boom you are finished!

Happy Sewing and God bless.


Turquoyz (author)2016-09-08

I really like the way the dress fits. And it's so easy.

Thank you. Turquoyz

Lynette Alexis (author)Turquoyz2016-09-08

You are welcome and thank you!! : )

BekkaPoo (author)2016-07-01

Very nice execution! Thank you for sharing. :)

Lynette Alexis (author)BekkaPoo2016-07-01

Thank you!! : )

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-07-01

Great tutorial. Making dresses yourself really is the best way to get a dress that fits perfectly.

Thank you!!! : ) There is nothing like doing it yourself.

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