Items need to make paracord bow sling

(3) lengths of 30-36″ long 550 paracord
(1) piece of scrap leather at least 1 3/4″ wide x 4 1/4″ long and at least 1/8″ thick (thicker is better).
(2) lengths of 12″ long small thread or cord.
(2) lengths of 5/16″ heat shrink tubing 1/2″ long.
Thick card stock – an old cereal box.

Step 1: The Beginning Braiding

I braided the cord by first lashing them together with the smaller thread/cord. It was helpful to leave the ends long and hook them over a stationary object as pictured here in order to maintain tension. To braid follow the mantra, “Right over middle, left over middle, right over middle, left over middle….” Note that “middle” changes with each braid. I made the braids as tight as my hands (they rebel in just a short amount of time) would allow as that will make the resulting sling more rigid. If you don’t know how to braid see the photos below or go over to your mommy’s house with some flowers (or her good casserole dish she loaned you with the tuna and noodles) and ask for help. The finished length on the commercial version was 21 inches, but whatever length you desire should be fine. Finally, I lashed the ends together and applied the heat shrink tubing leaving about 1/16″ of it hanging over so when shrunk it covered the cord ends well.

Braiding, the beginning.
I'm so confused. Where does the cobra weave come into it? How long do you do each weave for? Also we don't have a commercially made bow sling (otherwise we wouldn't be making this one), do you have a rough template to scale for the leather? Would love to see more details.
Hey what model bow is that, it looks alot like my hoyt 737
I'm lost, maybe some more pics or instructions. I'll figure it out if not. Thanx.
What about the leather piece in the last picture?

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