Step 4: Cast Breast Plate Armor

I wanted to have real looking armor w/o being weighed down by metal.  So I created armor out of latex.  Its actually a really simple process:

Materials: you can find all of these materials at Douglas and Sturgess
Modeling Clay
Liquid Latex

Design Armor by draw out on paper/cardboard how you want the breast plate to look.  This will just be the 2D design.

Mold Clay into the 3D design of the breast plate.  Spray the clay mold with a parting agent.  This will let the clay separate from the plaster.

Pour the plaster over the clay model. Follow instructions for mixing the plaster. Make sure to build a wall around our mold before you pour so the plaster doesn't run everywhere. Once the plaster dries remove the clay from the plaster.  I had to use a toothbrush to get some of the clay out.

Fill the negative plaster mold with liquid latex.  I painted it in with a paint brush.

Once the latex is dry, paint the breast plate with a latex paint.  I added hammer in snaps to the breast plate and the corset so it was removable like the real Xena outfit.
<p>My 9 year old wants to be Xena for halloween. What exactly did you use for plaster, clay, and parting agents? Thanks. I've never molded before and don't know the technical names for the products. </p>
My 6 year old, too.
<p>Woo...look good design.</p><p>Remember this movie, BTW.</p>
<p>I'm making this for Halloween! Thank you for sharing!</p><p>How big should each of the small flaps be for the skirt?</p>
<p>Very nice! Thanks for the tutorial!</p>
Congrats, Carleyy! Love this <em>outfit</em>! ;-)
Beautiful costume!! An awesome job! :-)
This is intense!! Very well done!! Hummm as for who one the fight, that is hard to say, I could see where a Space Viking might get an upper hand, but let's face it girls rule, so Xena takes it in for the win!
Wow this really turned out great! I'll show it to my co worker as I've been telling her for years she would make a great Xena.
Everything looks great, except for that carcboard thing. You should have made it out of the same stuff as the armor.
very nice, im sure Xena showed more leg than that!. i like Gabryelle better. even gavbe my daughter that name
Nice work! <br> <br>Someone should do a Tron Version of the Xena Costume.
A good sharp utility knife will give cleaner edges when cutting the cardboard. I just had to cut out some weapons of the Xena Era last night and a razor sharp blade gave good clean crisp edges. Other than that it's a great job as is!
You certainly whooped that space viking, Great 'ible, love the costume.
This gal looks truly fearsome. Wouldn't want to be her enemy!
This is amazing! Great job, &amp; thanks for posting the tutorial!
Mind you don't fall down those stairs Carley! Pesky vikings.
That's no way to treat a space viking! <br> <br>(And where's the ible for the EL sword?)

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