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Introduction: DIY You Virtual Reality Headset - Google Cardboard

From Google I/O listed the Google cardboard , I always want to get one , because of its a low price device feel virtual reality. Unfortunately, failing to buy a google cardboard drove me crazy . So I decided DIY a google cardboard by myself. It just need some tool :

1 . Google Cardboard PDF File ,A4 printed it, You can download from]

2 . A Cardbaord , maybe two.

3 . Art Knife

4 . Scissors

5 . Double-sided adhesive

Any way, build this headset cased about 1 hours . I found it really fun , I love the cardboard idea ! I hope more guys could enjoy the Virtual Reality Game , movie and street view etc. So we publish an unoffice google cardboard on ElecFreaks. Just $9.98 get one ,

Step 1: Step 1: Stick A4 Paper on Cardboard.

At first, you need cut out the printed google cardboard A4 paper.

Then, stick them to the cardboard with double-sided adhesive

This maybe cased you about 10 minutes .

Step 2: Step2: Cut Out the Cardboard

This step cased mostly time of the project. Almost used me 30 minutes , we need follow the printed paper cut the cardboard. Since I used a hard cardbaord, when I cut it, those hole were too hard cut clear.

Finally, I thought I cut very clear and beautiful . :D

Step 3: Step3: Build Own Headset

Actually, I wasted two cardboard . Finial got a perfect one . The entire production process is quite interesting .

I believe if build it with your kids, it will be more interesting.

Enjoy Virtual Reality, Just do it !!

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i can not open the link for the download,

can you send me the pdf file?

Please send me the file

will plastic lenses work good?