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If you are a real DIYer, you probably think that a standard way of life is never really adapted to your needs. There is a French proverb that says "Vous n'etes jamais mieux servis que par vous meme"(If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.) and this is the exact reason why I choose to live in a custom environment. In this Instructables, I'll show you my apartment and many small projects I made to improve my life and to reduce pollution.

- If you need "an object", first consider modifying something you already got!
- Why buy new when you can make better ?

Here is a summary of what I will show you:

- Who am I?
- My robots
- My room - made for projects (sleeping is only an added value!)
- Led reading lamp
- Bedroom illumination CFL lamp
- Camera tripod
- Hookah
- Skype Cell
- Laptop reparation
- Remote control amelioration
- Composite video cable from a banana wire
- Battery charger: from AA only to AA / AAA
- TV antenna
- Plants + shelf
- Plant light
- Alarm clock

As you will see, I'm a hardcore DIYer. I can't live without a project! I hope you will like what I have to show you and that you will vote for me. An Epilog would be so useful! Your second best choice is to vote for my friend Jerome Demers Desktop energy seed lamp or for Simon St-Hilaire's description of our robot BOTUS so I could have access to a machine :)

Note: As you will notice, I'm presenting many projects but I'm not explaining in details how they are achieved. If you are interested by something, just ask your questions in the Comments. If there is enough interest for a project, I will make a detailed Instructable about it.
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skatrun1 year ago
Very cool guy ......
Great room
impressive! cheers!
you're gonna invite me, don't you? :D
you life is a project then. I had gocarts built in wood with hand tools design is interesting if you read ben frankloins autobiography it show he read many books. then he had stay up all night and read because the book was due back next day. He started the liabrary system now we have two weeks to get the books back. He also started the postal system in the united states well he payed his dues serving as an apprintise printing was hand stamping and he didnt get to that stage for years. Never let them drag you down I tghink you can acheive something in your life through your projects the more you know the more you find out there alot more to learn. Internet opens avenues to creative thinking. Media learning is changing the way out kids learn from example book videos games and by example like on here the right place to learn is the right place to learn where it may be.
How do you use this type of PCB (how do you connect components in it) ? I'm really stuck with this question; I'm not asking you to make an instructable (although that would be the ideal thing), I just need help with my issue of not knowing how to connect components on the PCB shown in the images of the l.e.d. reading lamp.
If you look at the second photo you can see how the components are connected at the back. A rather neat job, too. A higher resolution image would be nice, though. And I'm not sure if those crossovers on the lower right side are touching or not. I'd have used insulated wire if not, but that's just my preference.
Actually, a top-down photo would be nice too, if possible
inventorjg5 years ago
 Hey, I like the setup. How did you get your coffee plant? Did you buy it somewhere or grow it yourself? I saw you had some baby coffee did you grow them? Using green coffee beans?
ben_k5 years ago
Wow, the shelf in step 3 is bowing under the weight of the boxes on top of it! I have to agree with knife141.
JFDuval (author)  ben_k5 years ago
Hehe. I did try to make it right by adding the central support but it wasn't enough... Semiconductors are heavier than we could think :)
I loved your posting, many interesting ideas and wonderful creations. to support that shelf try attaching a 1 x 2 piece of lumber or some aluminum angle parallel to the shelf at the front end to add lateral rigidity. I do this all the time with my shop shelves.
Keep up the good work.
ben_k JFDuval5 years ago
Yea. I just got a gallon bag of random resistors from a friend, and it weights about 15 pounds. I really wish I had a desk like that to, because I tend to work on the floor of my bedroom. I'll probably have serious back problems before i'm 25. =)
Charles IV5 years ago
I have made a couple of hookah lamps like you have there, but when I tried using a wine bottle as a bowl, the heat from the burning shisha shattered the bowl. Any suggestions?
JFDuval (author)  Charles IV5 years ago
Hello!  I used a beer bottle.  I've been using this hookah for 3 years without any problem.  Cutting the bottle was the hard part, but once it was done everything was perfect!
You listen to The Living End so you get 5 stars.
katrah5 years ago
ha i also like "growing plants", your a bloody talented kid im at the stage you proberly were at 15, i had always taken things apart since i was really young to see how they worked, i soon learn't what a capacitor does haha, but yeah my parents threw all my electronics bits away because they were "broken", and discouraged me from developing into a successful guy like you, im now 25 and am trying to learn how to build a cnc machine driver and i have to say its crazy how little i know, i moved out at 16 (sick of having my life ruled) but had to work work work, but i recently lost my job and now i have my room in my own house, so time to start teaching myself as an adult! XD VARDY
if i was in your situation id rather be a hobo than live with my parents..
Cool room :) some more info on the Skype phone would have been good =) i have the same rechargeable batteries.. eBay? hehe
craig35 years ago
the young photo of you "Nobody could predict I would void warranties!" you do look pretty evil and cynical in it actually haha
ReCreate5 years ago
Maybe for step 15 you could have used a potentiometer so that you could adjust brightness...i might do this to my alarm clock some time ;)
Foaly75 years ago
mcduval5 years ago
Congradulation!!!! You're te BEST!!!!
Lord Kanti5 years ago
I'm pretty sure you didn't have to "mod" this at all. I have an Energizer charger that looks identical to this with very slight variation and it can charge both AA and AAA. try flipping that black tab under the LED indicator down to pop down the spacer. If I'm wrong, more power to you (no pun intended ;)
JFDuval (author)  Lord Kanti5 years ago
Hello! You are totally right! Thanks for your comment, I didn't know this feature before. Let's say that the standoff trick can be used with other chargers ;)
knife1415 years ago
I really like the way you think!
Lftndbt5 years ago
Excellent work, I however insist that you break the steps into separate Instructables and give us more info!!! Nice work! ;-)
JFDuval (author)  Lftndbt5 years ago
Hello! On what project do you want more details?
All of them. Good stuff.
JFDuval (author)  upriverpaddler5 years ago
Hello! Ok ok, thanks for the positive feedback. Please vote for me in the Epilog challenge and I'll make many Instructables from this one. Deal? :)
zuixro5 years ago
I love your setup. Where did you get all those drawer units? I've been looking for some of those.
JFDuval (author)  zuixro5 years ago
Hello! Thanks for the good comment. I get them at Canadian Tire.